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Just A Little Bit Married?

HUSBAND FOR HIRE?The secluded beach house was the perfect honeymoon hideaway. And Dr. Sara Grace was there with her real-life fantasy man. Except that the man she called«husband» really wasn't her spouse. Dark, brooding Raz Rasmussin had a very strong interest in Sara's body– in a professional sense, of course.Raz had been hired to guard Sara from a ruthless killer. So to better protect her, they pretended to be married. But then the «newlyweds» began their honeymoon very seriously. Trouble was, the last time the confirmed bachelor had mixed business with pleasure,the consequences had been fatal. Now, more than Sara's heart was at stake… .

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408992470

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Eileen Wilks

Infobox Writer
name = Eileen Wilks

imagesize =
caption =
pseudonym =
birthdate = November 3
birthplace = Monahans, Texas
occupation = novelist
nationality = American
period = 1996 - Present
genre = Romance
urban fantasy
paranormal romance
movement =
notableworks =
influences =
influenced =
website = http://www.EileenWilks.com/

Eileen Wilks is an American award-winning fiction writer living in Midland, Texas.


Wilks lives in the West Texas town of Midland, TX, and has previously, as a child, lived in Canada and Venezuela as well as twelve U.S. cities in five states.

Wilk's first book, a Silhouette Desire published in 1996 called "The Loner and the Lady", hit the USA Today Bestseller List at #146 on May 30, 1996 and was nominated for the 1996 Romantic Times Best First Short Contemporary award.cite web| date = 1996
url =http://www.romantictimes.com/books_awards.php?type=book&level=1&year=1996
title = Romantic Times 1996 Reviewers' Choice Award Nominees
publisher = Romantic Times
accessdate =2007-12-23
] Since then, her books for Silhouette Desire and Intimate Moments have appeared consistently on national bestseller lists. With twenty four books in print and novellas in eight anthologies,cite web| date = 2006
url =http://www.eileenwilks.com/releases/index.html
title = Eileen Wilks.com - Her Current and Past Releases
publisher = Eileen Wilks
accessdate =2007-12-23
] Wilks has twice been a finalist in the Romance Writers of America Rita Awards (in 1998 and 1999 consecutively), as well as receiving three nominations from Romantic Times, including one for Career Achievement in Series romantic suspense. Largely Wilks writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels.

Her current series is The World of the Lupi where werewolves and magic exist in an earth much like our own.


Series in Print

*"Dynasties: The Ashtons" (including "Entangled")
*"Dynasties: The Barons" (including "With Private Eyes")
*"Dynasties: The Connellys" (including "Expecting...and in Danger")
*"Just A Little Bit" (including "Just a Little Bit Pregnant", "Just a Little Bit Married")
*"At Midnight" (including "Midnight Cinderella", "Midnight Promises", "Midnight Choices", and "Meeting at Midnight")
*"Tall, Dark & Eligible" ("Jacob's Proposal", "Luke's Promise", "Michael's Temptation")
*"World of the Lupi" ("Only Human", "Tempting Danger", "Originally Human", "Mortal Danger", "Blood Lines", "InHuman", "Night Season, "Mortal Sins)

All Titles in Print

*"Night Season" (01/08)
*"InHuman" (in the On the Prowl anthology, 08/07)
*"Blood Lines" (01/07)
*"Mortal Danger" (11/05)
*"Entangled" (Silhouette Desire #1627, 01/05)
*"Tempting Danger" (10/04)
*"Meeting at Midnight" (Silhouette Desire #1605, 09/04)
*"Originally Human" (in the Cravings anthology, 07/04)
*"With Private Eyes" (Silhouette Desire #1543, 11/03)
*"Only Human" (in the Lover Beware anthology, 07/03)
*"A Matter of Duty" (in the Broken Silence anthology, 05/03)
*"Midnight Choices" (Silhouette Intimate Moments #1210, 03/03)
*"Expecting...and in Danger" (Silhouette Desire #1472, 11/02)
*"Her Lord Protector" (Silhouette Intimate Moments #1160, 07/02)
*"Michael's Temptation" (Silhouette Desire #1409, 12/01)
*"Luke's Promise" (Silhouette Desire #1403, 11/01)
*"Jacob's Proposal" (Silhouette Desire #1397, 10/01)
*"The Pregnant Heiress" (Silhouette Desire #1378, 07/01)
*"The Proper Lover" (in the All I Want for Christmas anthology, 11/00)
*"Night of No Return" (Silhouette Intimate Moments #1028, 10/00)
*"Midnight Promises" (Silhouette Intimate Moments #982, 01/00)
*"Proposition: Marriage" (Silhouette Desire #1239, 09/99)
*"Pandora's Bottle" (in the Charmed anthology, 08/99)
*"Midnight Cinderella" (Silhouette Intimate Moments #921, 04/99)
*"A Tempting Offer" (in the To Tame a Texan anthology, 03/99)
*"Just a Little Bit Married" (Silhouette Desire, 12/98)
*"Simple Sins" (in the Rough Around the Edges anthology, 06/98)
*"The Virgin and the Outlaw" (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 05/98)
*"Just a Little Bit Pregnant" (Silhouette Desire #1134, 03/98)
*"Cowboys Do It Best" (Silhouette Desire #1109, 11/97)
*"The Wrong Wife" (Silhouette Desire #1065, 04/97)
*"The Loner and the Lady" (Silhouette Desire #1008, 06/96)

References and Sources

*Biography and book information used by permission from Eileen Wilks and http://www.EileenWilks.com

External links

* [http://www.EileenWilks.com/ Official website]
* [http://www.romantictimes.com/authors_profile.php?author=454 Romantic Times Profile]

Источник: Eileen Wilks

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