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Fiancé In Name Only

Make-believe romance has never felt so real!Bestselling writer Micah Hunter lives a nomadic life. Temporarily settling in a small town for research is outside his comfort zone. Only his tantalizing landlady can lure him from the isolation of his rented mansion. Because Kelly Flynn stirs him as no woman ever has.And she needs his help. To placate her grandmother, Kelly asks Micah to pretend they're engaged. He relishes the chance to be with Kelly…until acting like they're in love begins to feel like more than an act!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781474061452

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Maureen Child

Maureen Child
Born September 28, 1951 (1951-09-28) (age 60)
Southern California, U.S.
Pen name Ann Carberry,
Sarah Hart,
Kathleen Kane,
Maureen Child
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 1990 - present
Genres Romance


Maureen Child (b. September 28, 1951 in Southern California, United States) is an American writer of over 50 romance novels since 1990. She has written under the pen names Ann Carberry, Sara Hart and Kathleen Kane.



Child was born on September 28, 1951 in California, United States. She is married, they have two children and a golden retriever, Abbey. She continues to live in Southern California.

Child published her first book Run Wild My Heart in September 1990.


As Ann Carberry

Single novels

  • Frontier Bride (1992)
  • Nevada Heat (1993)
  • Shotgun Bride (1993)
  • Runaway Bride (1994)
  • Scoundrel (1995)
  • Maggie and the Gambler (1995)
  • Frannie and the Charmer (1996)
  • Alice and the Gunfighter (1996)

As Kathleen Kane

Single novels

  • Mountain Dawn (1992)
  • Small Treasures (1993)
  • Charms (1995)
  • Wishes (1995)
  • A Pocketful of Paradise (1997)
  • Still Close to Heaven (1997)
  • Dreamweaver (1998)
  • This Time for Keeps (1998)
  • Simply Magic (1999)
  • The Soul Collector (1999)
  • Catch a Fallen Angel (2000)
  • Wish Upon a Cowboy (2000)
  • Just West of Heaven (2001)
  • When the Halo Falls (2002)

Town Called Harmony Series

  1. Coming Home (1994)
  2. Keeping Faith (1994)

Omnibus In Collaboration

  • Sweet Hearts (1993) (with Jill Marie Landis, Colleen Quinn and Jodi Thomas)
  • Hearts of Gold (1994) (with Kay Hooper, Karen Lockwood and Bonnie K. Winn)
  • Perfect Secrets (1999) (with Brenda Joyce, Judith O'Brien and Delia Parr)

As Maureen Child

Stand alones novels

  • Run Wild My Heart (1992)
  • Bandit's Lady (1995)
  • Have Bride, Need Groom (1997)
  • The Surprise Christmas Bride (1997)
  • Maternity Bride (1998)
  • Sleeping with the Boss (2003)
  • Kiss Me, Cowboy! (2003)
  • Loving You (2003)
  • Some Kind of Wonderful (2004)
  • And Then Came You (2004)
  • Lost in Sensation: Mantalk (2004)
  • A Crazy Kind of Love (2004)
  • Turn My World Upside Down: Jo's Story (2005)
  • Expecting Lonergan's Baby (2006)
  • The Part-Time Wife (2006)
  • Eternally (2006)
  • Nevermore (2007)
  • More Than Fiends (2007)
  • Scorned By The Boss (2007)
  • Seduced By The Rich Man (2007)
  • Captured By the Billionaire (2007)
  • A Fiend in Need (2008)

Bachelor Battalion Series

  1. Littlest Marine(1998)
  2. The Non-commissioned Baby (1998)
  3. The Oldest Living Married Virgin (1998)
  4. Colonel Daddy (1998)
  5. Mom in Waiting (1999)
  6. Marine Under the Mistletoe (1999)
  7. The Daddy Salute (2000)
  8. The Last Santini Virgin (2000)
  9. The Next Santini Bride (2000)
  10. Marooned with a Marine (2000)
  11. Prince Charming in Dress Blues (2001)
  12. His Baby! (2001)
  13. Last Virgin in California (2001)
  14. The Marine and the Debutante (2002)
Candello Sub-Series
  1. The Oldest Living Married Virgin (1998)
  2. Colonel Daddy (1999)
The Santini & The Paretti Sub-Series
  1. Marine Under the Mistletoe (1999)
  2. The Last Santini Virgin (2000)
  3. The Next Santini Bride (2000)
  4. Marooned with a Marine (2000)
  5. Prince Charming in Dress Blues (2001)
Rogan Sub-Series
  1. His Baby! (2001)
  2. Last Virgin in California (2001)

Fortunes of Texas Series Multi-Author

  • Did You Say Twins?! (2001)

Dynasties the Connellys Series Multi-Author

  • The Seal's Surrender (2002)

Crown and Glory Series Multi-Author

  • The Royal Treatment (2002)

Dynasties the Barones Series Multi-Author

  • Beauty and the Blue Angel (2003)

Merlyn County Midwives Series Multi-Author

  • Forever... Again (2004)

Dynasties the Danforths Series Multi-Author

  • Man Beneath the Uniform (2004)

Three-Way Wager Series

  1. The Tempting Mrs. Reilly (2005)
  2. Whatever Reilly Wants... (2005)
  3. The Last Reilly Standing (2005)

Dynasties the Ashtons Series Multi-Author

3. Society-Page Seduction (2005)

Lonergan's Summer Of Secrets Series

  1. Expecting Lonergan's Baby / Sins of His Past (2007) (with Roxanne St. Claire)
  2. Strictly Lonergan's Business / Durango Affair (2006) (with Brenda Jackson) & Strictly Lonergan's Business / Pregnant with the First Heir (2007) (with Sara Orwig)
  3. Satisfying Lonergan's Honor (2006) & Satisfying Lonergan's Honour / Revenge of the Second Son (2007) (with Sara Orwig)

Signet Eclipse

  1. Bedeviled (2009)
  2. Beguiled: A Queen of the Otherworld Novel (2009)

Fortunes of Texas: Reunion Series Multi-Author

  • Fortune's Legacy (2006)

Hotel Marchand Series Multi-Author

  • Bourbon Street Blues (2006)

Dynasty the Elliotts Series Multi-Author

  • Beyond The Boardroom (2006)

Millionaire of the Month Series Multi-Author

  • Thirty Day Affair (2007)


  • Finding You / Knowing You (2003)
  • Seducing Reilly / Tempting Mrs Reilly / Whatever Reilly Wants... (2006)

Omnibus In Collaboration

  • Shotgun Grooms (2001) (with Susan Mallery)
  • Special Delivery (2002) (with B.J. James)
  • Secret Child (2002) (with Alexandra Sellers)
  • Up Close and Passionate (2002) (with Alexandra Sellers)
  • The Romance Collection (2002) (with Marie Ferrarella and Sharon Sala)
  • Love Is Murder (2003) (with Rebecca Brandewyne and Linda Winstead Jones)
  • The Marine and the Debutante / Wild About a Texan (2003) (with Jan Hudson)
  • The Sheikh Takes a Bride / The Seal's Surrender (2003) (with Caroline Cross)
  • Searching for Her Prince / The Royal Treatment (2003) (with Karen Rose Smith)
  • His Christmas Bride (2003) (with Dallas Schulze)
  • Kiss Me, Cowboy! / The Tycoon's Lady (2004) (with Katherine Garbera)
  • Man Beneath the Uniform / Playing by the Baby Rules (2004) (with Michelle Celmer)
  • Where There's Smoke... / Beauty and The Blue Angel (2004) (with Barbara McCauley)
  • Dynasties: Summer in Savannah (2004) (with Barbara McCauley and Sheri Whitefeather)
  • His Virgin Seductress (2004) (with Linda Turner)
  • Sheik and the Princess in Waiting / Forever...Again (2004) (with Susan Mallery)
  • Sleeping with the Boss / The Cowboy's Baby Surprise (2004) (with Linda Conrad)
  • Summer Surrender (2004) (with Peggy Webb)
  • The Cinderella Scandal / Man Beneath the Uniform (2004) (with Barbara McCauley)
  • Lost in Sensation / Very Private Duty (2005) (with Rochelle Alers)
  • Tempting Mrs. Reilly / Bedroom Secrets (2005) (with Michelle Celmer)
  • Lost in Sensation / For Services Rendered (2005) (with Anne Marie Winston)
  • Whatever Reilly Wants... / Sultan's Bed (2005) (with Laura Wright)
  • Last Reilly Standing / Craving Beauty (2005) (with Nalini Singh)
  • Society-Page Seduction / Just A Taste (2006) (with Bronwyn Jameson)
  • Her Fifth Husband? / Last Reilly Standing (2006) (with Dixie Browning)
  • His Virgin Temptress (2006) (with Eileen Wilks)
  • For the Twins (2006) (with Joan Elliott Pickart)
  • Christmas Together (2006) (with Allison Leigh)
  • The Connellys: Chance, Doug And Justin (2007) (with Metsy Hingle and Kate Little)

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