Электронная книга: Betsy Burke «Hardly Working»

Hardly Working

Dinah Nichols, PR chick for Green World International, knows how to spin a story. She has to, otherwise how else would rescuing loons get the media attention it deserves? But a visit from Higher Management guru Ian Trutch means she'll have to put some spin on the«fabulous work» she and the staff have been doing.Sure, her latest hobby of haranguing a cocky colleague is worthwhile, but it isn't part of GWI's mission statement or anything. So, how to convince the higher-ups she and the others are working hard for their higher purpose? Hmm. Dating Trutch seemed the obvious move, but now she's not so sure he is what he says he is, and the office is turned upside down as acts of local ecoterrorism are suddenly on the rise, and Dinah's famed mother–a bona fide well-known Jacques Cousteau type–makes an unforgettable appearance, putting Dinah's entire career in jeopardy.Will Dinah navigate her eclectic crew to safety, or will they have to swim for it?

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781472092021

электронная книга

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