Электронная книга: Suzanne Ellison «Blazing Star»

Blazing Star

WELCOME TO TYLERCHANGES ARE AFOOT…Tyler's got a new female police captain– and everybody's talking! Come on down to Marge's and share the speculations of America's favorite hometown.SHE SEEMS TOUGH AS NAILSWhen Tyler's favorite son Brick Bauer loses a promotion to outsider Karen Keppler, no one is pleased– least of all Brick.BUT THEY CALL HER «CAPTAIN CURVACEOUS»Thoughts of his beautiful new boss, however, are soon keeping Brick awake at nights. Unfortunately, no-nonsense Captain Keppler has this rule about not dating subordinates….

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781474046169

электронная книга

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365.57электронная книга

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