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Covert M.D.

SHE COULD TRUST HIM WITH HER LIFE…BUT NOT WITH HER HEARTSomething sinister was taking place in the shadowy basement of Boston General Hospital–and Dr. Nadia French was determined to stop it. A transplant specialist, Nia French was called in to investigate the puzzling deaths of organ transplant recipients at BGH, and nothing was going to keep her from solving the case–not even her ex-lover-turned-partner.For Dr. Rafe McKay, women were a liability–especially in the field. He'd already lost one female partner, and he couldn't let Nia put herself in danger. But Nia had grown up in the ten years since he'd walked out on her, and she wasn't about to be chased off this case…or away from him!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781472033284

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Jessica Andersen

Jessica Andersen
Born United States
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 2002 – present
Genres Romance


Jessica Andersen is an American writer of mystery and medicine. She has a PhD in Genetics.



Jessica Andersen was born and raised in eastern Massachusetts. She studied at Tufts University for an undergraduate degree in biology, followed by a PhD in Genetics[1] though she has been many other things, including a patent agent, a freelance editor and a professional horse trainer and riding coach.[2]


Series: Harlequin Intrigue

  • Dr. Bodyguard, October 2003
  • Seal with a Kiss, December 2003
  • Intensive Care, August 2004
  • Body Search, December 2004
  • Covert M.D., March 2005
  • The Sheriff's Daughter, June 2005
  • Bullseye, September 2005
  • Red Alert, January 2006
  • Under the Microscope, January 2007
  • Prescription: Makeover, April 2007
  • Classified Baby, August 2007
  • Meet Me at Midnight September 2007

Dolphin Friendly series

  1. Dolphin Friendly, February 2003
  2. Secret Witness, March 2004

Bear Claw Creek series

  1. Ricochet, April 2006
  2. At Close Range April 2006
  3. Rapid Fire, July 2006

Novels of the Final Prophecy series

  1. Nightkeepers, June 2008
  2. Dawnkeepers, January 2009
  3. Skykeepers, August 2009
  4. Demonkeepers, April 2010
  5. Blood Spells, November 2010
  6. Storm Kissed, June 2011

Anthologies in collaboration

  • Heart of a Hunter / Secret Witness (2004) (with Sylvie Kurtz)
  • Bulletproof Billionaire / Intensive Care (2004) (with Mallory Kane)
  • Someone Safe / Covert M.D. (2005) (with Lori L. Harris)
  • Sheriff's Daughter / Bounty Hunter Honor (2005) (with Kara Lennox)
  • Bullseye / Silent Awakening (2005) (with Elaine Barbieri)


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