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The Other Man

Guilty passions When Gwen had been forced to reject the man she loved, she'd thought she'd made the right decision until fate thrust her and Aidan together to rekindle the compelling attraction they had felt in their youth. But twelve years amounted to a lot of living and both had gained a past of their own.Driven by passion, love and guilt, there were two ways to smash this emotional deadlock– to break up, once and for all, or put the past firmly away and seize that second chance… .

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408987254

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Karen Van der Zee

Windela Kilmer
Born 26 May 1947 (1947-05-26) (age 64)
Pen name Karen Van der Zee
Mona Van Wieren
Occupation Novelist
Period 1979-present
Genres Romantic novel


Windela Kilmer (born 26 May 1947 in Holland) is a popular globetrotting writer of over 33 romance novels since 1979 as Karen Van der Zee. She also signed two novels as Mona Van Wieren and she received a RITA for Rhapsody in Bloom.



Windela Kilmer was born on 26 May 1947 in Holland. She grew up with her brothers, while she dreamed about visiting the exotic places that read in their books.

She met in Amsterdam a globetrotting U.S.American, who asked her to marry him in Rome, Italy and they tied the knot in a ten-minute ceremony in Kenya. After Kenya they lived in the States for a while, then four years in Ghana, West Africa where not only their first daughter was born but her first Mills & Boon romance as well. Karen's husband's work as a development economist has taken them to several other countries. They lived in Indonesia, in Ramallah, the West Bank, and then again in Ghana.

They now live in Armenia, which lies east of Turkey and north of Iran. They have three grown kids, who live in the States.


As Karen Van der Zee

Single novels

  • Sweet Not Always (1979)
  • Love Beyond Reason (1980)
  • Secret Sorrow (1981)
  • Waiting (1982)
  • Going Underground (1982)
  • One More Time (1983)
  • Soul Ties (1984)
  • Pelangi Haven (1985)
  • Staying Close (1985)
  • Time for Another Dream (1986)
  • Fancy Free (1986)
  • Shadows on Bali (1988)
  • Hot Pursuit (1988)
  • Brazilian Fire (1989)
  • Java Nights (1990)
  • Kept Woman (1991)
  • The Imperfect Bride (1991)
  • Something in Return (1992)
  • Passionate Adventure (1993)
  • Making Magic (1993)
  • A Love Untamed (1994)
  • Captive in Eden (1994)
  • Fire and Spice (1995)
  • The Other Man (1995)
  • An Inconvenient Husband (1996)
  • Marriage Shy (1996)
  • Hired Wife (1999)
  • A Wife to Remember (1999)
  • Rand's Redemption (2001)
  • Midnight Rhythms (2003)
  • The Italian's Seduction (2005)

As Mona Van Wieren

Single novels

  • Rhapsody in Bloom (1989)
  • A Prince Among Men (1992)


  • Rhapsody in Bloom by Mona Van Wieren: 1990 Rita Awards Best Novel winner

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