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The Guilty Wife

Can their marriage survive the truth? Lucie has everything. The perfect husband, a cherished son and a new baby on the way… . Her marriage is blissful – until a secret in her past returns to haunt her. How can Lucie tell her husband, a glamorous barrister, that she was once in prison? It was for a crime she didn't commit, but now she's being blackmailed by the man who framed her.For five years, Seton Wallace has idolized Lucie as the perfect bride… . What will he do if he discovers she's now a guilty wife?"Sally Wentworth pens an explosive tale with intense characters."– Romantic Times

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408987445

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Sally Wentworth

Doreen Hornsblow
Died 2001 (aged 64)
Pen name Sally Wentworth
Occupation Novelist
Nationality British
Period 1977-1999
Genres Romantic novel
Children 1

Sally Wentworth was the pseudonym used by Doreen Hornsblow (died 2001),[1] a British romance writer of 70 romance novels in Mills & Boon's from 1977 to 1999.


Personal life

Doreen and her husband, Donald had a son, Keith (born 1968). The family lived in Braughing, England.

She collected knife rests and she was member of The Knife Rest Collectors Club.


She sold her first novel to Mills & Boon's in 1977, she published her novels under the pseudonym Sally Wentworth. Her novels were principally set in Great Britain or in exotic places like Canary Islands or Greece. Her first works are stand-alone novels, but in 1990s, she decided created her first series. In 1991, she wrote a book in two parts about the Barclay twins and their same great love, and in 1995, she wrote the Ties of Passion trilogy about the Brodey family.


Doreen Hornsblow died from cancer in 2001, aged 64.


Single novels

  • Island Masquerade (1977)
  • Conflict in Paradise (1978)
  • King of the Castle (1978)
  • Rightful Possession (1978)
  • Ice Maiden (1979)
  • Shattered Dreams (1979)
  • Liberated Lady (1979)
  • Candle in the Wind (1979)
  • Betrayal in Bali (1980)
  • Garden of Thorns (1980)
  • Set the Stars on Fire (1980)
  • Race Against Love (1980)
  • King of Culla (1981)
  • Say Hello to Yesterday (1981)
  • Summer Fire (1981)
  • The Judas Kiss (1981)
  • Flying High (1982)
  • Sea Master (1982)
  • Semi-detached Marriage (1982)
  • Man for Hire (1982)
  • Backfire (1983)
  • Lion Rock (1983)
  • Jilted (1983)
  • Julted (1983)
  • Viking Invader (1984)
  • Dark Awakening (1984)
  • Fatal Deception (1985)
  • The Wings of Love (1985)
  • Hawk of Venice (1985)
  • Kissing Game (1986)
  • Cage of Ice (1986)
  • Tiger in His Lair (1986)
  • Ultimatum (1987)
  • Passionate Revenge (1987)
  • Dishonourable Intentions (1987)
  • Driving Force (1988)
  • Mistaken Wedding (1988)
  • Satan's Island (1988)
  • Devil's Shadow (1988)
  • Strange Encounter (1989)
  • Echoes of the Past (1989)
  • Wish on the Moon (1989)
  • Fire Island (1989)
  • Broken Destiny (1990)
  • Lord of Misrule (1990)
  • Taken on Trust (1990)
  • Illusions of Love (1990)
  • The Devil's Kiss (1991)
  • Sin Anillos (1991)
  • The Golden Greek (1991)
  • Stormy Voyage (1992)
  • The Wayward Wife (1992)
  • Mirrors of the Sea (1993)
  • Practice to Deceive (1993)
  • Sicilian Spring (1993)
  • One Night of Love (1994)
  • Marriage by Arrangement (1996)
  • Christmas Nights (1996)
  • The Guilty Wife (1997)
  • Mission to Seduce (1998)

Barclay Twins duology

  1. Twin Torment (1991)
  2. Ghost of the Past (1991)

Ties of Passion Saga

  1. Chris (1995)
  2. Francesca (1995)
  3. Calum (1995)

Euromance Series Multi-Author

  • Yesterday's Affair (1992)

Postcards from Europe Series Multi-Author

  • Yesterday's Affair (1992)

Wedlocked! Series Multi-Author

  • To Have and to Hold (1994)

Pages & Privileges Series Multi-Author

  • Shadow Play (1994)
  • Duel in the Sun (1994)

Scandals! Multi-Author

  • A Very Public Affair (1997)

Bachelor Tycoons Multi-Author

  • A Typical Male! (1997)

The Big Event Series Multi-Author

  • Runaway Fiancée (1998)


  • The Best of Sally Wentworth: Liberated Lady, Shattered Dreams (1984)

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