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A Forbidden Seduction

Passion in RebellionThe Colleoni family was bad news for Debbie. Her marriage to their son had turned out to be no marriage at all. Now she was alone, and fighting for her child's inheritance with his commanding and charismatic half brother– Luciano. Obviously she couldn't trust him, but a passionate attraction was flowing between them.She was vulnerable; she was under the disapproving glare of the Colleoni family; this seduction was foolish, taboo and… wildly irresistible!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408987759

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Sara Wood

Sara Wood may refer to:

  • Sara Wood (novelist), British romance novelist
  • Sara Wood (military writer), sergeant in the US Army, writer and photographer for the US Department of Defense

See also

  • Sara Woods, pseudonym of Lana Bowden-Judd (1922–1985), British mystery writer
  • Sally Wood, born Sarah Wood (1759–1854), American novelist

Источник: Sara Wood

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