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Intimate Knowledge

It was an undercover assignment that required some«under the covers» expertise…Grace Lockhart: Behind-the-scenes FBI agent. Shy, naive…and a sex kitten waiting to happen.Logan Pierce: FBI field agent and the best of the best. Confident, cocky…and incapable of saying no to a beautiful woman.The case:Agent Grace Lockhart has spent months developing a computer program that will put the city's biggest crime lord behind bars. And now that it's ready, all the FBI needs is somebody to smuggle it in to Harrison Mitchell's estate. Only, because Mitchell is notorious for surrounding himself with a harem of beauties, that somebody has to be a woman….Grace Lockhart wants to be that woman, but she's anything but a femme fatale. But not for long. Because she's heard that her new partner, sexy superagent Logan Pierce, is an expert at«hands-on» training….

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781472028945

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Julie Miller

Julie Miller (born 12 July 1956 in Waxahachie, Texas) is a songwriter, singer, and recording artist currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Julie Miller has been married to Buddy Miller for 20 years. They sing and play on each other's solo projects and have recorded a duets album on HighTone Records.

Julie's first recording was on the mini lp album Streetlight, which consisted of Julie, Buddy and an uncredited 3rd man. Julie and Buddy provided some songwriting to the lp, which included the original version of "Jesus in Your Eyes" (Later re-recorded for "Orphans and Angels". "How Could You Say No" (Written by Mickey Cates) was also originally performed on this album, and later included in Julie's solo debut "Meet Julie Miller"

An 8 track 1985 demo from Julie included 2 songs that were later included on "Meet Julie Miller", but the remaining 6 songs were not re-recorded.

In 1987 Julie contributed background vocals to the song Remember Me on Benny Hester's album "Through the Window".

Miller's musical career initially took off after singer Sam Phillips discovered a demo tape by the artist and turned it over to friends at Myrrh Records. Miller was signed to a contract and recorded her first solo album, "Meet Julie Miller" for the label, and was released in 1990. This album included backing vocals from Shawn Colvin, Victoria Williams, Amy Grant, Kelly Willard and Russ Taff.

Julie's second solo album, "He Walks Through Walls" (1991) also included backing vocals from Shawn Colvin, Victoria Williams, Amy Grant and Kelly Willard as with her debut. Mark Heard and Reverend Dan Smith also contributed vocals. This album included the original version of the song "Broken Things", which was later re-recorded.

In 1992, Julie participated in the album, "Cry of the Heart: Emily's Eyes", an album released to bring hope to victims of child abuse, by providing the title track. Julie mentioned after a 2002 concert in Kentucky that the song "Emily's Eyes" had one line edited out of it, as there was concern regarding the "implications". No further details were given explaining.

Julie's 1993 album "Orphans and Angels" included a duet with Emmylou Harris on the song All My Tears, which has become one of Julie's most popular songs. Jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott also contributed vocals. The song was written after the death of Mark Heard. Julie also covered Mark Heard's song "Treasure of the Broken Land". Shawn Colvin once again contributed background vocals.

Julie's 4th solo album was released by Street Level Records, a departure from Word Records which released her first 3 solo albums. Julie covered The Williams Brothers song Can't Cry Hard Enough on this album. Victoria Williams, Mark Olsen and the Electrics provided background vocals.

After the 1998 Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland, local singer Juliet Turner performed a version of Miller's song "Broken Things" at a memorial service for the victims of the bombing.

Julie and Buddy Miller teamed up with Victoria Williams, Mark Olson, and Jim Lauderdale for a European tour billed as "The Rolling Creek Dippers" in the 90's.

The Dixie Chicks, Linda Ronstadt, Ann Savoy, Lee Ann Womack, Emmylou Harris, Jars of Clay, Julie Roberts, Selah, Brooks & Dunn and Ilse DeLange have recorded the songs of Julie Miller, as well as songs written by both her and Buddy.

Buddy Miller announced that this fall, a Julie Miller compilation is planned, which will include tracks picked by Julie from her first four albums, which have been out of print for many years.Fact|date=July 2008


*"Street Light" (Buddy & Julie with Ron Krueger) (1983)
*"Meet Julie Miller" (1990)
*"He Walks Through Walls" (1991)
*"Orphans and Angels" (1993)
*"Invisible Girl" (1994)
*"Strong Hand of Love", tribute to Mark Heard, 1994
*"Orphans of God", tribute to Mark Heard, 1994
*"When Life Hurts - 15 songs from the heart of Julie" (compilation '90-'94)) (1996)
*"Blue Pony" (1997)
*"Broken Things" (1999)
*"Buddy & Julie Miller" (2001)
*"Love Snuck Up" (Buddy & Julie duets compilation of previously released music) (2004)

Cry of the Heart: Emily's Eyes was released in 1992 on Broken Records. Julie wrote and sang the title song Emily's Eyes.

External links

* http://www.buddyandjulie.com/ [http://www.buddyandjulie.com/]
* [http://members.cox.net/ronsfolkchords Julie Miller Guitar Chords]

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