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Hostage Of Passion

You can't keep me here against my will!Sarah couldn't escape the brooding power of Francisco Garcia Casals. He was always there– taunting her, watching her, touching her… . Sarah knew she was bait in a clever game of blackmail. Her womanizing father had disappeared with Francisco's innocent young sister, and Francisco would stop at nothing to force them to return.Taking Sarah hostage was the perfect plan! But he didn't need locks and chains to hold her– his darkly seductive, raw sexuality was captivating enough… .Once again, Diana Hamilton is «spellbinding from beginning to end.» – Affaire de Coeur

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408984932

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Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton
Died 3 May 2009(2009-05-03)
Pen name Diana Hamilton
Occupation Novelist
Period 1986-Present
Genres Romantic novel

Diana Hamilton (b. England) was a popular British writer of 50 romance novels in Mills & Boon since 1986.



Diana Hamilton was born in an English town.

At 18, she studied to art college, where she met Peter. She obtained a degree in Advertising Copywriting and she worked as a copywriter.

She married with Peter, they had a daughter, Rebecca, and a son Paul, when they moved to Wales. They returned to Shropshire, England, where they had other child Andrew.

She started writing in 1970's, but she published her first novel in 1986.

Hamilton died on 3 May 2009, at her home in Shropshire.


Single Novels

  • Song in a Strange Land (1986)
  • Dark Charade (1987)
  • Impulsive Attraction (1987)
  • Painted Lady (1988)
  • The Wild Side (1988)
  • A Secure Marriage (1989)
  • Betrayal of Love (1989)
  • Passionate Awakening (1990)
  • An Inconvenient Marriage (1990)
  • The Devil His Due (1991)
  • Games for Sophisticates (1991)
  • A Honeyed Seduction (1992)
  • Troubleshooter (1992)
  • Savage Obsession (1992)
  • Threat from the Past (1993)
  • Legacy of Shame (1993)
  • In Name Only (1994)
  • Separate Rooms (1994)
  • The Last Illusion (1994)
  • Waiting Game (1994)
  • Sweet Sinner (1995)
  • Never a Bride (1995)
  • Hostage of Passion (1995)
  • A Guilty Affair (1996)
  • Scandalous Bride (1997)
  • Wedding Daze (1997)
  • A Husband's Price (1998)
  • The Faithful Wife (1998)
  • The Bride Wore Scarlet (1998)
  • Mistress for a Night (1999)
  • Bought, One Husband (1999)
  • The Christmas Child (2000)
  • Claiming His Wife (2001)
  • The Billionaire Affair (2001)
  • The Italian's Bride (2001)
  • The Italian's Trophy Mistress (2002)
  • His Convenient Wife (2002)
  • The Spaniard's Woman (2003)
  • A Spanish Vengeance (2003)
  • A Spanish Marriage (2004)
  • The Italian's Marriage Demand (2005)
  • The Italian Millionaire's Virgin Wife (2005)
  • The Italian's Price (2006)
  • The Kouvaris Marriage (2006)
  • The Mediterranean Billionaire's Secret Baby (2007)
  • Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress (2010)

Nanny Wanted Series Multi-Author

  • The Millionaire's Baby (1998)

Expecting! Series Multi-Author

  • Unexpected Baby (1999)

Omnibus In Collaboration

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