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A Ring to Secure His Heir

An unexpected glitch in his plan…Working late is nothing new for tycoon Alex – and it’s the perfect excuse to get close to office-cleaner Rosie Gray. He’s promised his ailing godfather he’ll discover whether his long-lost granddaughter is a worthy heir. Intoxicated by the after-hours attention of this mysterious, suave businessman, Rosie finds her dreams destroyed with the slamming of the bedroom door on their one-night stand. Discovering she’s pregnant, she goes to confront him – but no one at work has heard of Alex Kolovos… They do, however, know Alexius Stavroulakis, the CEO, and he has a glittering proposal for her! ‘How does she create such incredible characters time after time? Always a compelling read!’ – Chrissie, Personal Trainer, Manchester

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408974681

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Lynne Graham

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imagesize = 150px
name = Lynne Graham
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pseudonym =
birthdate = birth date and age|1956|07|30|mf=y
birthplace = Northern Ireland
deathdate =
deathplace =
occupation = Novelist
nationality =
period = 1987 - present
genre = Romantic novel
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movement =
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website = http://www.LynneGraham.com

Lynne Graham (b. July 30, 1956 in Northern Ireland) is a popular Northern Irish author of over 60 romance novels. She published her novels in Mills & Boon since 1987.


Lynne Graham born July 30, 1956 in Northern Ireland in an Irish-Scottish family. She met her husband when she was 14, but before marrying she completed a degree at Edinburgh University. Lynne and her husband have five children, one natural and four adopted, two from Sri Lanka and two from Guatemala.


ingle Novels

*"Bittersweet Passion" (1987)
*"The Veranchetti Marriage" (1988)
*"An Arabian Courtship" (1990)
*"An Insatiable Passion" (1990)
*"A Fiery Baptism" (1991)
*"Tempestuous Reunion" (1991)
*"A Vengeful Passion" (1994)
*"Angel of Darkness" (1994)
*"Indecent Deception" (1994)
*"The Heat of Passion" (1995)
*"Bond of Hatred" (1995)
*"Crime of Passion" (1995)
*"A Savage Betrayal" (1995)
*"The Unfaithful Wife" (1995)
*"The Trophy Husband" (1996)
*"Prisoner of Passion" (1996)
*"The Desert Bride" (1996)
*"Second-Time Bride" (1997)
*"The Secret Wife" (1997)
*"The Winter Bride" (1997)
*"Mistress and Mother" (1997)
*"The Reluctant Husband" (1998)
*"One Night With His Wife" (1999)
*"The Spanish Groom" (1999)
*"The Expectant Bride" (1999)
*"The Cozakis Bride" (2000)
*"The Sicilian's Mistress" (2000)
*"Don Joaquin's Pride" (2000)
*"Damiano's Return" (2000)
*"Duarte's Child" (2001)
*"Rafaello's Mistress" (2001)
*"The Italian's Wife" (2001)
*"The Contaxis Baby" (2002)
*"A Mediterranean Marriage" (2002)
*"The Stephanides Pregnancy" (2004)
*"The Mistress Wife" (2004)
*"Married by Arrangement" (2005)
*"Emerald Mistress" (2005) aka "Ballyflynn"
*"Mistress Bought and Paid for" (2006)
*"Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife" (2006)
*"The Sheikh's Innocent Bride" (2006)
*"Claiming His Wife and Child" (2006)
*"The Greek's Chosen Wife" (2006)
*"The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress" (2007)
*"Petrakos Bride" (2007)
*"Latin Loving" (2007)

Nancy Leeward's Goddaughters series

#"Married to a Mistress" (1998)
#"Contract Baby" (1998)
#"The Vengeful Husband" (1998)

Carlton Sisters series

#"An Arabian Marriage" (2002)
#"The Disobedient Mistress" (2002)
#"The Heiress Bride" (2002)
#"Dark Angel" (2003)

Brides Of L'Amour series

#"The Frenchman's Love-child" (2003)
#"The Italian Boss's Mistress" (2003)
#"The Banker's Convenient Wife" (2004)

Walk Down the Aisle Series Multi-Author

*"The Arabian Mistress" (2001)

Greek Tycoons Series Multi-Author

*"The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress" (2004)


*"Christmas Crackers: Savage Betrayal, Yuletide Bride, Baby for Christmas, Christmas Angel" (1995)
*"Mother's Day Gift Pack: One Night with This Wife, Fatal Bride, Everything About Him" (2000)
*"Arabian Nights" (2000)
*"The Pursuit" (2003)
*"Unfaithful Wife" / "Trophy Husband" (2004)
*"Heat of Passion" / "Savage Betrayal" (2004)
*"Prisoner of Passion" / "Desert Bride" (2006)
*"Marrying the Millionaire" (2006)

Omnibus In Collaboration

*"Captive Hearts" (1998) (with Robyn Donald and Charlotte Lamb)
*"Escapade" (1998) (with Margot Early, Vicki Lewis Thompson and Rebecca York)
*"Desert Heat" (1999) (with Emma Darcy and Sandra Marton)
*"Mothers-to-be" (1999) (with Emma Darcy and Leigh Michaels)
*"Her Baby Secret" (1999) (with Jacqueline Baird and Day Leclaire)
*"Latin Lovers" (2000) (with Lucy Gordon and Penny Jordan)
*"Christmas with a Latin Lover" (2001) (with Lucy Gordon and Penny Jordan)
*"Bachelors' Babies" (2001) (with Sharon Kendrick and Leigh Michaels)
*"The Greek Tycoons" (2001) (with Helen Bianchin and Michelle Reid)
*"Greek Grooms" (2001) (with Michelle Reid)
*"Latin Liaisons" (2002) (with Emma Darcy)
*"Passionate Playboys" (2002) (with Jacqueline Baird and Amanda Browning)
*"One More Time" (2003) (with Jayne Ann Krentz and Christine Rimmer)
*"Mediterranean Millionaires" (2003) (with Lucy Gordon and Michelle Reid)
*"Business Affairs" (2003) (with Helen Brooks and Kim Lawrence)
*"Her Italian Boss" (2003) (with Kim Lawrence)
*"Her Greek Tycoon" (2003) (with Jacqueline Baird and Kate Walker)
*"Her Latin Lover's Revenge" (2005) (with Jane Porter and Michelle Reid)
*"Prisoner of Passion" / "The Playboy's Seduction" (2005) (with Lucy Monroe)
*"Millionaire's Mistress" (2006) (with Jacqueline Baird and Cathy Williams)
*"Sheikh's Woman" (2006) (with Jane Porter)
*"Mediterranean Weddings" (2007) (with Julia James and Susan Stephens)
*"Mediterranean Men" ("Irresistible Italians" / "Italian's Wife" / "Italian's Passionate Proposal") (2007) (with Sarah Morgan)

References and Resources

* [http://www.LynneGraham.com Lynne Graham's Official Website]
* [http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/cgi-bin/millsandboon.filereader?461262c700a12d24273f58d0dc9e068f+EN/products/AUTH&2D000199 Lynne Graham at Mills & Boon's Website]
* [http://www.eharlequin.com/author.html?authorid=77 Lynne Graham at eHarlequin]

External links

* [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/g/lynne-graham Lynne Graham at Fantastic Fiction]

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