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Give A Man A Bad Name

She Rolled the Dice FirstMarly Bradshaw welcomed the challenge of spending two months in Thailand installing a computer system for one of Bangkok's newest luxury hotels. She also welcomed the opportunity to set Alex Hamilton, hotel magnate and notorious womanizer, up for a fall.It meant Marly had to play a dangerous game– she had to make Alex fall in love with her. The danger was twofold – Marly knew only too well that Alex didn't play any game by the rules and she suspected that her own heart could easily be broken.

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781408985748

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Roberta Leigh

Infobox Writer
name = Janey Scott Lewin

imagesize =
caption =
pseudonym = Roberta Leigh
Rachel Lindsay
Janey Scott
Rozella Lake
birthdate = 19??
birthplace = London, England
deathdate =
deathplace =
occupation = Novelist
nationality = British
period = 1950-1997
genre = Romantic novel, children's stories
subject =
movement =
influences =
influenced =

website = http://www.RobertaLeigh.com

Janey Scott (b. London, England), well-known as Roberta Leigh was a British artist. She wrote romance fiction and children's stories as Roberta Leigh, Rachel Lindsay, Janey Scott, and Rozella Lake, now she paints abstract art.

In 1948, she married with Michael Lewin, and she began writing years before having their son, Jeremy. She published her first work in 1950 and is remembered for her work with Gerry Anderson at the start of his career. She created the puppet series "Sara and Hoppity", and "Space Patrol" which chronicled the adventures of Captain Larry Dart aboard his spaceship "Galasphere 347". Since the death of her husband, she ends her romance books.


(some novels were published as Roberta Leigh and Rachel Lindsay)

As Roberta Leigh

Romance Novels

ingle Novels

*"In Name Only" (1950)
*"Beloved Ballerina" (1952)
*"Dark Inheritance" (1952)
*"The Vengeful Heart" (1952)
*"And Then Came Love" (1954)
*"Pretence" (1956)
*"Stacy" (1958)
*"Storky" (1962)
*"My Heart's a Dancer" (1970)
*"Cinderella in Mink" (1973)
*"Shade of the Palms" (1974)
*"If Dreams Came True" (1974)
*"Temporary Wife" (1975)
*"Man in a Million" (1975)
*"Cupboard Love" (1976)
*"To Buy a Bride" (1976)
*"Too Young to Love" (1976)
*"Man Without a Heart" (1976)
*"Unwilling Bridegroom" (1976)
*"Girl for a Millionaire" (1977)
*"Flower of the Desert" (1977)
*"Wrong Man to Love" (1977)
*"Not a Marrying Man" (1977)
*"Forgotten Marriage" (1978)
*"Night of Love" (1978)
*"Savage Aristocrat" (1978)
*"Facts of Love" (1978)
*"Love Match" (1980)
*"Wife for a Year" (1980)
*"Rent a Wife" (1980)
*"Love and No Marriage" (1980)
*"Heart of the Lion" (1980)
*"Confirmed Bachelor" (1981)
*"Love in Store" (1983)
*"No Time for Marriage" (1985)
*"Maid to Measure" (1986)
*"No Man's Mistress" (1987)
*"Too Bad to be True" (1987)
*"A Racy Affair" (1987)
*"An Impossible Man to Love" (1987)
*"Storm Cloud Marriage" (1987)
*"Not Without Love" (1989)
*"Man on the Make" (1989)
*"A Most Unsuitable Wife" (1989)
*"One Girl at a Time" (1990)
*"It All Depends on Love" (1990)
*"Two-faced Woman" (1991)
*"Not His Kind of Woman" (1992)
*"Bachelor at Heart" (1992)
*"Give a Man a Bad Name" (1993)
*"Two-timing Man" (1993)
*"The Wrong Kind of Wife" (1994)
*"Misunderstood" (2007)


*"Pretence / The Vengeful Heart / My Hearts a Dancer" (1983)

Omnibus In Collaboration

*"Facts of Love / Beth / Island Lovesong" (1980) (with Louise Bergstrom and Barbara Hazard)

Children's Stories

Tomahawk Series

#"Tomahawk" (1960)
#"Tomahawk and the River of Gold" (1960)
#"Tomahawk and the Animals of the World" (1961)
#"Tomahawk and the Tomb of the White Moose" (1961)

ara and Hoppity Series

#"Sara and Hoppity" (1960)
#"Sarah and Hoppity Make New Friends" (1960)
#"Sara and Hoppity Find a Cat" (1961)
#"Sara and Hoppity Get Lost" (1961)
#"Meet Sara and Hoppity" (1962)

Torchy Series

#"Torchy and the Magic Beam" (1960)
#"Torchy in Topsy Turvy Land" (1960)
#"Torchy and Bossy Boots" (1962)
#"Torchy and His Two Best Friends" (1962)
#"Torchy and the Twinkling Star" (1962)

Mr. Hero Series

#"The Adventures of Mr. Hero" (1961)
#"Mr. Hero and the Raggler Children" (1961)

As Rachel Lindsay

Romance Novels

ingle Novels

*"The Widening Stream" (1952)
*"Alien Corn" (1954)
*"Healing hands" aka "Love and Dr. Forrest"(1955)
*"Mask of Gold" (1956)
*"Castle in the Trees" (1958)
*"House of Lorraine" (1959)
*"The Taming of Laura" (1959)
*"Business Affair" (1960)
*"Heart of a Rose" (1961)
*"Song in My Heart" (1961)
*"Moonlight and Magic" (1962)
*"Design for murder" (1964)
*"Second Best Wife" (1970)
*"No business to love" aka "Brazilian Affair" (1966)
*"Price of Love" (1967)
*"Love and Lucy Granger" (1967)
*"Second Best Wife" (1970)
*"The Latitude of Love" aka "Rough Diamond Lover"(1971)
*"A Question of Marriage" (1972)
*"Cage of Gold" (1973)
*"Shade of the Palms" (1974)
*"Food for Love" (1974)
*"Innocent Deception" (1975)
*"Love in Disguise" (1975)
*"Affair in Venice" (1975)
*"Prince for Sale" (1975)
*"Secretary Wife" (1976)
*"Roman Affair" (1976)
*"Tinsel Star" (1976)
*"A Man to Tame" (1976)
*"The Marquis takes a wife" (1976)
*"Forbidden Love" (1977)
*"Prescription for Love" (1977)
*"Unwanted Wife" (1978)
*"Forgotten Marriage" (1978)
*"An Affair to Forget" (1978)
*"Designing Man" (1978)
*"Man Out of Reach" (1979)
*"My Sister's Keeper" (1979)
*"Man of Ice" (1980)
*"Love and no Marriage" (1980)
*"Wife for a year" (1980)
*"Untouched Wife" (1981)
*"Substitute Wife" (1982)

As Janey Scott

Romance Novels

ingle Novels

*"Memory of Love" (1959)
*"Melody of Love" (1960)
*"A time to love" (1960)

Children's Stories

ara Gay Series

#"Model girl" (1961)
#"Model Girl in Monte Carlo" (1961)
#"Model Girl in New York" (1961)
#"Model Girl in Mayfair" (1961)

As Rozella Lake

Romance Novels

ingle Novels

*"Chateau in Provence"* (1973)
*"If Dreams Came True"* (1974)

(* also edited as Rachel Lindsay)

References and Resources

* [http://www.RobertaLeigh.com Roberta Leigh's Official Homepage]
* [http://www.eharlequin.com Harlequin Enterprises Ltd Website]

External links

* [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/l/roberta-leigh Roberta Leigh's Webpage] , [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/l/rachel-lindsay Rachel Lindsay's Webpage] and [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/l/roumelia-lane Roumelia Lane's Webpage] in Fantastic Fiction's Website
* [http://www.robertaleigh.com Paintings by Roberta Leigh]
* [http://homepages.tesco.net/~space.patrol/SaraHoppity/SaraIsHome.htm] Sara and Hoppity website.

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