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Hawk's Way Collection: Faron And Garth: Hawk's Way: Garth / Hawk's Way: Faron

Joan Johnston’s beloved Whitelaw boys have been branding hearts for over a decade.Celebrate the return of Hawk’s Way’s sexiest cowboys with these classic tales…Hawk's Way: FaronFaron Whitelaw had some nerve calling Belinda Prescott a princess. A nearly bankrupt ranch was hardly a castle, and Faron, an ill-tempered cowboy who’d inherited half her kingdom, was certainly no prince. Faron became spitting mad when Belinda informed him about the truth of his parentage: he wasn’t one of the Whitelaws of Texas. He wanted to believe that she was nothing more than a gold digger, but all she seemed to want was him…Hawk's Way: GarthGarth Whitelaw couldn’t understand why a rich Texas debutante like Candy Baylor would want to train horses. But she looked darn sexy in worn jeans with hay in her hair, so who was he to judge? Candy had no idea why Garth was suddenly so agreeable, but she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Besides, herinstructors in school had never been so ruggedly handsome as this wrangler…and she wouldn’t mind engaging in some horseplay!

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781474066198

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Joan Johnston

Joan Johnston (born Little Rock, Arkansas) is a best-selling American author of over forty contemporary and historical romance novels.


Johnston was the third of seven children born to an Air Force sergeant and his music-teacher wife. She received a B.A. in theatre arts from Jacksonville University in 1970, then earning an M.A. in theatre from the University of Illinois, Urbana in 1971. She received a law degree (with honors) at the University of Texas at Austin in 1980. For the next five years, Johnston worked as an attorney, serving with the Hunton & Williams firm in Richmond, Virginia, and with Squire, Sanders, & Dempsey in Miami. She has also worked as a newspaper editor and drama critic in San Antonio, Texas, and as a college professor at Southwest Texas Junior College, Barry University, and the University of Miami.

Johnston is a member of the Authors Guild, Novelists, Inc., Romance Writers of America, and Florida Romance Writers. She has two children and one grandchild, and divides her time between two homes, in Colorado and Florida.


*Paperbook Book Club of America's Book Rak Award (twice)
*Romantic Times' Best Western Historical Series Award (twice)
*Romantic Times' Best New Western Writer
*Romantic Times' Best Historical Series Award (twice)
*The Maggie (twice)
*Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist for "The Disobedient Bride"


Contemporary Romance

The Bitter Creek Series

*"A Strangers Game", 2008
*"The Next Mrs. Blackthorne", 2005
*"The Rivals", 2004
*"The Price", 2003
*"The Loner", 2002
*"The Texan", 2001
*"The Cowboy", 2000

Hawk's Way

*"Hawk's Way: Faron and Garth", 2007 (contains: "The Cowboy and the Princess", "The Wrangler and the Rich Girl")
*"Hawk's Way Brides", 2005 (contains: "The Unforgiving Bride", "The Headstrong Bride", "The Disobedient Bride")
*"Honey and the Hired Hand", 2004
*"Hawk's Way Grooms", 2002 (contains: "The Virgin Groom", "The Substitute Groom")
*"Hawk's Way: The Virgin Groom", 1997
*"Hawk's Way: The Substitute Groom", 1998
*"Hawk's Way: Rogues ", 2001 (Contains "Honey and the Hired Hand", "The Cowboy Takes a Wife", "The Temporary Groom")
*"Hawk's Way Bachelors", 2000 (contains: "The Rancher and the Runaway Bride", "The Cowboy and the Princess", and "The Wrangler and the Rich Girl")
*"Texas Brides", 2005 (contains: "The Rancher and the Runaway Bride" and "The Bluest Eyes in Texas")
*"Big Sky Country", 2004 (contains: "Never Tease a Wolf" and "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing")
*"Sisters Found", 2002

Category Romance

*"Fit to be Tied", May 1988
*"Marriage by the Book", April 1989
*"A Little Time in Texas", May 1992
*"The Rancher and the Runaway Bride", April 1993
*"The Cowboy and the Princess", May 1993
*"The Wrangler and the Rich Girl", June 1993
*"The Cowboy Takes a Wife", March 1992
*"The Unforgiving Bride", September 1994
*"The Headstrong Bride", December 1994
*"The Disobedient Bride", July 1995
*"The Temporary Groom", June 1996


*"The Bluest Eyes in Texas" in "Abduction and Seduction", March 1995
*"Taming the Lone Wolf" in "Outlaws and Heroes", Sept 1995
*"Lone Star Christmas" in "A Hawk's Way Christmas", Nov 1997

Other Contemporary Romance

*"Marriage by the Book", 2003
*"The Men of Bitter Creek", 2004
*"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", 2002
*"I Promise", 1996
*"Heartbeat", 1997
*"Never Tease a wolf", 2001

Historical Romance

The Sisters of the Lone Star

*"Texas Woman", 2003
*"Comanche WOman", 2002
*"Frontier Woman", 2001

The Captive Heart Series

*"The Bridegroom", 1999
*"The Bodyguard", 1998
*"After the Kiss", 1997
*"Captive", 1996


*"One Simple Wish" in "Untamed-Maverick Hearts", July 1993
*"The Man from Wolf Creek" in "To Have and to Hold", June 1994
*"The Christmas Baby" in "A Christmas Together", Oct 1994

Other Historicals

*"The Inheritance", 1995
*"Maverick Heart", 1995
*"Outlaw's Bride", 1993
*"The Barefoot Bride", 1992
*"Kid Calhoun", 1993
*"Sweetwater Seduction", 1991
*"Colter's Wife", 1985
*"No Longer a Stranger", 2005
*"A Loving Defiance", 1985

External links

* [http://www.joanjohnston.com/ Joan Johnston Official Website]

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