Электронная книга: Miranda Lee «It Started With One Night: The Magnate's Mistress / His Bride for One Night / Master of Her Virtue»

It Started With One Night: The Magnate's Mistress / His Bride for One Night / Master of Her Virtue

The Magnate’s MistressTara was Australian hotel magnate Max Richmond’s mistress. She loved Max not for the gifts he gave her, their glamorous life, or even their intense lovemaking. But whoever heard of a pregnant mistress? His Bride for One NightSuccessful divorce lawyer Daniel Bannister was certain therewas no such thing as love. He lived his life with no strings attached. So why did Daniel meet and marry Charlotte Gale within twenty-four hours?Master of Her VirtueShy, cautious Violet has kept herself safe. Now she’s accepting every invitation and looking for a man who will seduce her… Enter Leo Wolfe, renowned film director, power, wealth and attraction personified. But is Violet really ready?

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781474035460

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Miranda Lee

Miranda Lee
Born date of birth unknown
Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
Pen name Miranda Lee
Occupation Novelist
Nationality Australian
Period 1990-Present
Genres Romantic novel
Children 3

Miranda Lee (b. Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia) is a popular Australian writer of over 75 romance novels. She published her novels in Mills & Boon's since 1990.



Miranda Lee was born in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, daughter of a school teacher and a dressmaker, she was the youngest of four children.[1]

She worked as programmer until her marriage, they had three daughters. In 1990, she published her first novels in Mills & Boon.[1]



Single Novels

  • After the Affair (1990)
  • An Obsessive Desire (1990)
  • The Reluctant Lover (1991)
  • Scandalous Seduction (1991)
  • Asking for Trouble (1991)
  • A Daring Proposition (1992)
  • A Date with Destiny (1992)
  • Knight to the Rescue (1992)
  • Beth and the Barbarian (1993)
  • A Very Secret Affair (1995)
  • A Haunting Obsession (1995)
  • Rendezvous with Revenge (1996)
  • Night of Shame (1997)
  • Two-Week Wife (1997)
  • Just for a Night (1998)
  • Wedding Games (1998)
  • Sole Paternity (1999)
  • The Blackmailed Bridegroom (1999)
  • Marriage in Peril (2000)
  • Just a Little Sex... (2001)
  • A Man for the Night (2002)
  • The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress (2008)

Carstairs Series

  1. Outback Man (1991)
  2. Mistress of Deception (1993)

Powers - Slater Studio Series

  1. A Daughter's Dilemma (1992)
  2. Maddie's Love Child (1996)

Hearts of Fire -OR- Secrets & Sins Series

  1. Desire & Deception (1994)
  2. Fantasies & the Future (1994)
  3. Passion & the Past (1994)
  4. Scandals & Secrets (1994)
  5. Seduction & Sacrifice (1994)
  6. Marriage & Miracles (1994) aka Marriages & Miracles
  7. Hearts of Fire (1994)
  • Hearts of Fire (omnibus) (2002)
  • Secrets and Sins (omnibus) (2002)
  • Fortune and Fate (omnibus) (2003)

Affairs To Remember Series

  1. A Kiss to Remember (1995)
  2. A Weekend to Remember (1996)
  3. A Woman to Remember (1996)
  4. A When you know to give up(1997)
  • Red-hot Australians (omnibus) (2004)

The Australian Playboys Series

  1. The Playboy in Pursuit (2000)
  2. The Playboy's Proposition (2000)
  3. The Playboy's Virgin (2000)

Secret Passions Series

  1. A Secret Vengeance (2001)
  2. The Secret Love-Child (2002)
  3. At Her Boss's Bidding (2002)

Three Rich Men Series

  1. A Rich Man's Revenge (2003)
  2. Mistress for a Month (2003)
  3. Sold to the Sheikh (2003)
  • Billionaire Bachelors (Omnibus) (2007)

Wives Wanted! Series

  1. Bought: One Bride (2005)
  2. The Tycoon's Trophy Wife (2005)
  3. A Scandalous Marriage (2005)
  • Bought by the Tycoon (omnibus) (2009)

Year Down Under Series Multi-Author

  • Outback Man (1991)

Forbidden! Series Multi-Author

  • A Daughter's Dilemma (1992)

Pages & Privileges Series Multi-Author

  • An Outrageous Proposal (1992)
  • Fantasies & the Future (1994)
  • Passion & the Past (1994)

Secrets Series Multi-Author

  • Marriage in Jeopardy (1993)

The Australians Series Multi-Author

2.Heart-throb for Hire (1993)
12. Simply Irresistible (1993)
14. Marriage at a Price (2001)
18. Fugitive Bride (1998)
23. The Virgin Bride (1999)
32. The Passion Price (2004)

Wedlocked! Series Multi-Author

  • The Bride in Blue (1995)
  • His Bride for One Night (2005)

Foreign Affairs Series Multi-Author

  • The Bride in Blue (1995)
  • Australian Attraction: The Bride in Blue / Marriage Campaign (omnibus) (2002) (with Helen Bianchin)

Passion Series Multi-Author

  • Aunt Lucy's Lover (1996)
  • The Millionaire's Mistress (1998)
  • The Seduction Project (1998)

Scandals! Series Multi-Author

  • Red-Hot and Reckless (1997)

Nanny Wanted Series Multi-Author

  • A Nanny Named Nick (1997)

Expecting! Series Multi-Author

  • The Boss's Baby (1998)

Society Weddings Series Multi-Author

  • The Wedding-Night Affair (1999)

His Baby Series Multi-Author

  • Facing Up to Fatherhood (1999)

In Love With Her Boss Series Multi-Author

7. Bedded by the Boss (2004)

Nine to Five Series Multi-Author

  • Bedded by the Boss (2004)

Mistress To A Millionaire Series Multi-Author

  • The Magnate's Mistress (2004)

Uncut Series Multi-Author

  • Love-Slave To The Sheikh (2006)

Ruthless! Series Multi-Author

  • The Billionaire Boss's Forbidden Mistress (2006)
  • Pleasured In The Billionaire's Bed (2006)
  • The Ruthless Marriage Proposal (2007)
  • The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave (2008)

Bedded By Blackmail Series Multi-Author

  • Blackmailed Into the Italian's Bed (2007)


  • Yours, Mine and Ours (1998)
  • Blind Passions (1999)
  • Australian Playboy Tycoons (2006)
  • Seduction Project / Millionaire's Mistress (2008)

Omnibus In Collaboration

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