Электронная книга: Guoping Wang «Transfer Matrix Method for Multibody Systems. Theory and Applications»

Transfer Matrix Method for Multibody Systems. Theory and Applications

TRANSFER MATRIX METHOD FOR MULTIBODY SYSTEMS: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS Xiaoting Rui, Guoping Wang and Jianshu Zhang– Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China Featuring a new method of multibody system dynamics, this book introduces the transfer matrix method systematically for the first time. First developed by the lead author and his research team, this method has found numerous engineering and technological applications. Readers are first introduced to fundamental concepts like the body dynamics equation, augmented operator and augmented eigenvector before going in depth into precision analysis and computations of eigenvalue problems as well as dynamic responses. The book also covers a combination of mixed methods and practical applications in multiple rocket launch systems, self-propelled artillery as well as launch dynamics of on-ship weaponry. • Comprehensively introduces a new method of analyzing multibody dynamics for engineers • Provides a logical development of the transfermatrix method as applied to the dynamics of multibody systems that consist of interconnected bodies • Features varied applications in weaponry, aeronautics, astronautics, vehicles and robotics Written by an internationally renowned author and research team with many years'experience in multibody systems Transfer Matrix Method of Multibody System and Its Applications is an advanced level text for researchers and engineers in mechanical system dynamics. It is a comprehensive reference for advanced students and researchers in the related fields of aerospace, vehicle, robotics and weaponry engineering.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9781118724828

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