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Never Say Die / Presumed Guilty: Never Say Die / Presumed Guilty

Издательство: "HarperCollins"

ISBN: 9781472074096

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Tess Gerritsen

Dr. Tess Gerritsen (born June 1953) is an international and New York Times-bestselling thriller writer, published in over thirty countries.

Gerritsen was raised in San Diego, California, and was educated at Stanford University. She received her M.D. at the University of California, San Francisco. While working and living in Hawaii, Dr. Gerritsen submitted a short story to Honolulu Magazine's statewide fiction contest. Her story won first place, and she subsequently left medical practice. Her first few novels were romantic thrillers, however she gained nationwide acclaim for her first medical thriller "Harvest".

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Rizzoli_and_Maura_Isles Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles]

*"The Surgeon" (2001), ISBN 0-345-44783-2
*"The Apprentice" (2002), ISBN 0-345-44785-9
*"The Sinner" (2003), ISBN 0-345-45891-5
*"Body Double" (2004), ISBN 0-345-45893-1
*"Vanish" (2005), ISBN 0-345-47697-2
*"The Mephisto Club" (2006), ISBN 0-739-32624-4
*"The Bone Garden" (2007), ISBN 0-345-49761-1
*"The Keepsake/Keeping the Dead"(2008), ISBN 0-739-32714-3


*"Adventure's Mistress" (1985), ISBN 0-938422-13-8 (1st Mini-bound novel)
*"Harvest" (1996), ISBN 0-671-55301-1
*"Life Support" (1997), ISBN 0-671-55303-8
*"Bloodstream" (1998), ISBN 0-671-01675-X
*"Gravity" (1999), ISBN 0-671-01678-4
*"The Bone Garden" (2007), ISBN 0-345-49760-0 (a novel which features Oliver Wendell Holmes)


In addition to the listed hardbacks, the following have been made into paperback.Many of the author's paperback novels have been printed into large text, hardback editions.
*"Love's Masquerade" (1986) - ISBN 0-938422-33-2
*"Call After midnight" (1987) - ISBN 0-373-22078-2 (2001) ISBN 1-55166-834-3
*"Under the Knife" (1990) - ISBN 0-373-22136-3 (2004)ISBN 0-7783-0067-6
*"Whistleblower" (1992) - ISBN 0-373-22195-9 (1998) ISBN 1-55166-468-2
*"Never Say Die" (1992) - ISBN 0-373-22181-9 (1996) ISBN 1-55166-176-4
*"Presumed Guilty" (1993) - ISBN 0-373-22238-6 (1997) ISBN 1-55166-299-X
*"Peggy Sue Got Murdered" (1994) - ISBN 072785304X
*"In Their Footsteps" (1994) - ISBN 0-373-22278-5 (1999) ISBN 1-55166-532-8
*"Thief of Hearts" (1995) - ISBN 0-373-22328-5
*"Keeper of the Bride" (1996) - ISBN 0-373-22359-5 (2002) ISBN 1-55166-935-8


*"Silver linings" (1991) (3 authors) ISBN
*"Three Complete Novels: Presumed Guilty, Whistleblower, Never Say Die" (1992)(Gerritsen) ISBN 0-7394-0300-1
*"Temperature Rising: Under the Knife; Love Thy Neighbor; An Unexpected Man" (1994) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-20099-4
*"Something to hide - Thief of Hearts / Shadow on the Sun" (1999) (2 authors) ISBN 0-373-83414-4
*"Heatwave: Part of the Bargain, The Dream Unfolds, Whistleblower" (1998) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-83459-4
*"Impulse" (2000) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-83432-2
*"Take 5" (2001) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-83495-0
*"Stolen Memories" (2001) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-83477-2
*"Unveiled: Whistleblower; Mirror, Mirror, Lover, Stranger" (2002) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-83538-8
*"Family Passions; The Family Way, Chances Are, and Presumed Guilty" (2002) (3 authors) ISBN 0-373-83525-6
*"Double Impact" (2003) - ISBN 0-373-83583-3 (two books-in-one co-authored with Debra Webb)
*"In Their Footsteps" (2004) (3 Authors) ISBN 0-373-83621-X
*"Harvest/ Life Support" (2005) (Gerritsen) ISBN 1-4165-0740-X
*"Call After MidnightUnder The Knife" (2006) (Gerritsen) ISBN 0-373-77172-X
*"Murder and Mayhen" (2006) - ISBN 0-7783-0145-1


*"Adrift" This was featured in 1993 on the "CBS Movie of the Week" starring Kate Jackson


"The Surgeon" received a RITA award Romance Writers of America in 2002 for Best Romantic Suspense Novel.

In 2006, her novel "Vanish" received the Nero Award for best mystery novel. "Vanish" was also nominated for both an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America as well as the Macavity Award.

Further reading

Interviews with Gerritsen:
* [http://www.writersnewsweekly.com/literary_spotlight_tess_gerritsen.html WritersNewsWeekly.com: April 29, 2008]
* http://www.boston.com/news/globe/living/articles/2007/11/14/medical_mysteries_add_twists_to_historical_thriller/
* [http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=134121&ac=Audience Portland Press Herald: September 16, 2007]
* [http://glamhub.com/2007/09/tess_gerritsen/ Glam Hub: September 1, 2007]
* [http://noveljourney.blogspot.com/2006/09/author-interview-tess-gerritsen.html Novel Journey: September 4, 2006]
* [http://murderati.typepad.com/murderati/2006/08/on_the_bubble_w.html Murderati: August 5, 2006]

External links

* [http://www.tessgerritsen.com/ TessGerritsen.com]
* [http://www.tessgerritsen.com/blog Tess Gerritsen's Blog]
* [http://www.tessgerritsen.co.uk/ Tess Gerritsen's Official UK site]

Источник: Tess Gerritsen

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