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Oxidative Cross-Coupling Reactions

The first handbook on this emerging field provides a comprehensive overview of transition metal-catalyzed coupling reactions in the presence of an oxidant. Following an introduction to the general concept and mechanism of this reaction class, the team of authors presents chapters on C-C cross-coupling reactions using organometallic partners, C-Heteroatom bond forming reactions via oxidative couplings, and C-H couplings via C-H activation. The text also covers such groundbreaking topics as recent achievements in the fields of C-C and C-X bond formation reactions as well as C-H activation involving oxidative couplings. With its novel and concise approach towards important building blocks in organic chemistry and its focus on synthetic applications, this handbook is of great interest to all synthetic chemists in academia and industry alike.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9783527681013

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