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Addiction. Psychology and Treatment

Addiction: Psychology and Treatment brings together leading psychologists to provide a comprehensive overview of the psychology of addictions and their treatment across specialities and types of services. Emphasises the use of several approaches including CBT, psychodynamic and systemic and family treatments, and consideration of the wider picture of addictions As well as the theories, gives a clear overview of the application of these models Reflects the very latest developments in the role played by psychological perspectives and interventions in the recovery agenda for problem drug and alcohol users

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118489765

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Paul Davis

Paul Davis may refer to:

  • Paul J. Davis (fl. 1900s), American football and basketball coach
  • Paul M. Davis, Jr. (1919–2007), American surgeon and writer
  • Paul E. Davis (1921–2009), American football coach
  • Paul Brooks Davis (born 1938) American painter, illustrator, and graphic designer
  • Paul Davis (singer) (1948–2008), American singer-songwriter
  • Paul K. Davis (born 1952), English historian
  • Paul Davis (sailor) (born 1958), Norwegian sailor and Olympic medalist
  • Paul Davis (footballer) (born 1961), English footballer
  • Paul Davis (basketball) (born 1984), American basketball player
  • Paul Davis (musician), British musician with the Happy Mondays
  • Paul Davis (programmer) (fl. 1990s), British programmer
  • Paul Marc Davis, British actor
  • Paul Davis (Canadian politician) (fl. 21 century), Newfoundland and Labrador MHA for Topsail
  • Paul Davis (Kansas politician) (born 1972), American Democratic politician
  • Paul Davis (Arizona politician)
  • Paul Davis (rugby league), Australian Balmain Tigers professional
  • Paul K. Davis (policy analyst)

Fictional characters

  • Paul Davis, fictional character in the Stargate SG-1 television series; see List of Tau'ri characters in Stargate SG-1

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