Электронная книга: Paul Voestermans «Culture as Embodiment. The Social Tuning of Behavior»

Culture as Embodiment. The Social Tuning of Behavior

Culture as Embodiment utilizes recent insights in psychology, cognitive, and affective science to reveal the cultural patterning of behavior in group-related practices. Applies the best of the behavioural sciences to contemporary issues of behavioural cross-fertilization in global exchange Presents an original theory to be used in the gender and integration debates, about what the acceptance of newcomers from different cultural backgrounds really entails Presents a theory that is also applicable to youth culture and the split in modern society between underclass, modal class, and the elite Contains an original approach to the persistence of religion, and relates religious thought to the cognitive capacity of generic belief

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118454091

электронная книга

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