Электронная книга: Clay Bennett S. «Selective Glycosylations. Synthetic Methods and Catalysts»

Selective Glycosylations. Synthetic Methods and Catalysts

A comprehensive summary of novel approaches to the stereoselective construction of glycosidic linkages, covering modern glycosylation methods and their use and application in natural product synthesis and drug discovery. Clearly divided into five sections, the first describes recent advances in classical methodologies in carbohydrate chemistry, while the second goes on to deal with newer chemistries developed to control selectivity in glycosylation reactions. Section three is devoted to selective glycosylation reactions that rely on the use of catalytic promoters. Section four describes modern approaches for controlling regioselectivity in carbohydrate synthesis. The final section focuses on new developments in the construction of«unusual» sugars and is rounded off by a presentation of modern procedures for the construction of glycosylated natural products. By providing the latest advances in glycosylation as well as information on mechanistic aspects of the reaction, this is an invaluable reference for both specialists and beginners in this booming interdisciplinary field that includes carbohydrate chemistry, organic synthesis, catalysis, and biochemistry.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9783527696222

электронная книга

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