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Convection Heat Transfer

A new edition of the bestseller on convection heat transfer A revised edition of the industry classic, Convection Heat Transfer, Fourth Edition, chronicles how the field of heat transfer has grown and prospered over the last two decades. This new edition is more accessible, while not sacrificing its thorough treatment of the most up-to-date information on current research and applications in the field. One of the foremost leaders in the field, Adrian Bejan has pioneered and taught many of the methods and practices commonly used in the industry today. He continues this book's long-standing role as an inspiring, optimal study tool by providing: Coverage of how convection affects performance, and how convective flows can be configured so that performance is enhanced How convective configurations have been evolving, from the flat plates, smooth pipes, and single-dimension fins of the earlier editions to new populations of configurations: tapered ducts, plates with multiscale features, dendritic fins, duct and plate assemblies (packages) for heat transfer density and compactness, etc. New, updated, and enhanced examples and problems that reflect the author's research and advances in the field since the last edition A solutions manual Complete with hundreds of informative and original illustrations, Convection Heat Transfer, Fourth Edition is the most comprehensive and approachable text for students in schools of mechanical engineering.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118332825

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Adrian Bejan

Adrian Bejan (born September 24, 1948 in Galaţi), Ph.D. (MIT, 1975) is a Romanian-born American professor of mechanical engineering and inventor of the constructal theory of global optimization under local constraints. He is J. A. Jones Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University. He published more than 470 articles, 23 books and is in top 100 of most cited engineers in the world.

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* Bejan number
* Constructal theory

External links

* [http://www.mems.duke.edu/faculty/bejan/ Adrian Bejan's web page] on the Duke University site
* [http://hcr3.isiknowledge.com/author.cgi?&link1=Search&link2=Search%20Results&AuthLastName=bejan&AuthFirstName=adrian&AuthMiddleName=&AuthMailnstName=&CountryID=-1&DisciplineID=0&id=533 Adrian Bejan's Resume] on [http://isihighlycited.com ISIHighlyCited.com] , the Institute for Scientific Information
* [http://www.constructal.org/ Constructal Theory Web Portal] : publications, events, links, etc.

Источник: Adrian Bejan

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