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The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 4. Building Up a BIM Support Infrastructure

ePart 4: Building up a BIM Support Infrastructure: Addressing the‘back of house’ aspect of BIM Management, this ePart outlines how to go about developing a range of in-house BIM standards and guidelines. It highlights how BIM Managers go about establishing a training programme for staff and the setting up and management of an organisation’s BIM content library. It covers the support needed to move BIM information into the field and further into facilities and asset management. It emphasises the importance of internal messaging, and articulating how to nurture a culture of peer-to peer support and advancement of skills by individual staff members. Looking beyond a single firm’s or organisation’s requirements, the ePart positions BIM support infrastructure in the wider context of key global BIM policies and guidelines. Obook ISBN: 9781118987896; ePub ISBN: 9781118987919; ePDF ISBN:9781118987834; published August 2015

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118987834

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