Электронная книга: Gary Reichard W. «Deadlock and Disillusionment. American Politics since 1968»

Deadlock and Disillusionment. American Politics since 1968

Deadlock and Disillusionment: American Politics Since 1968 is an insightful consideration of the events people, and policy debates that have shaped and continue to influence, even control, the current political era. Rejects conventional wisdom that the dominant force shaping recent American politics in the last half century has been the“rise of the Right” Considers the achievements and frustrations of each administration, from Nixon to Obama, in its assessment of contemporary U.S. politics Features authorship by an expert scholar in the field who takes a thematic rather than a partisan approach to recent American politics Offers a concise, comprehensive, and thoroughly up-to-date synthesis of the literature in the field and concludes with a comprehensive bibliographical essay, an aid to student research

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118934364

электронная книга

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