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Value Management of Construction Projects

Value Management is a philosophy, set of principles and a structured management methodology for improving organisational decision-making and value-for-money. The second edition builds on the success of the first edition by extending the integrated value philosophy, methodology and tool kit to describe the application of Value Management to the areas of service delivery, asset management, and, Programmes, in addition to Projects, products and processes. Value Management is a well-established methodology in the international construction industry, and in the UK has been endorsed as good practice in a range of government sponsored reports. In this book the authors have addressed the practical opportunities and difficulties of Value Management by synthesising the background, international developments, benchmarking and their own extensive consultancy and action research experience in Value Management to provide a comprehensive package of theory and practice. The second edition retains the structure of the first edition, covering methods and practices, frameworks of value and the future of value management. It has been thoroughly updated, and a number of new chapters added to encapsulate further extensions to current theory and practice. In particular, the new edition responds to: A range of recent UK industry and government publications; and most notably BS EN 16271:2012– Value management: Functional expression of the need and functional performance specification; the imminent update of BS EN 12973:2000 Value Management; BS EN 1325 Value Management – Vocabulary, Terms and definitions; the changes to «Value for Europe» governing the training and certificationof Value Management in European Union countries; the UK Government’s Management of Value (MoV) initiative, together with other leading reports, international guidance and standards on Value Management. Research in Value Management undertaken since publication of the first edition. Changes in ValueManagement practice particularly in Programmes and Projects. Developments in the theory of value, principally value for money measures, whole life value option appraisal, and benefits realisation. Initiatives in asset management initiatives covering the management of physical infrastructure, for example the recent launch of a suite of three standards under the generic title of BS ISO 55000: 2014 Asset Management, and its predecessor BSI PAS55 2008 “Asset Management: Specification For The Optimized Management Of Physical Assets” The second edition contains a dedicated chapter of exemplar case studies drawn from the authors’ experience, selected to demonstrate the new areas of theory and practice. An Appendix includes an extensive set of tools and techniques of use in Value Management practice. Construction clients, including those in both the public and private sectors, and professionals such as construction cost consultants, quantity surveyors, architects, asset managers, construction engineers, and construction managers will all find Value Management of Construction Projects to be essential reading. It will also be of interest to researchers and students on construction rela

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118355152

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John Kelly

John Kelly or Jack Kelly is the name of:


* John Kelly of Killanne (died 1798), leader of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 in Wexford
* John Kelly (U.S. politician) (1822–1886), politician in Tammany Hall, U.S. Representative from New York (1855–1858)
* John Kelly (minister) (1801–1876), Congregational minister
* John Melville Kelly (1879–1962) American/Hawaiian artist
* John Larry Kelly, Jr (1923–1965), originator of the Kelly criterion
* Jack Kelly (actor) (1927–1992), American film and television actor most noted for the 1957-1962 television series "Maverick"
* John M. Kelly (politician) (1931–1991), Irish Fine Gael politician and cabinet member
* John Kelly (Sinn Féin politician) (1936–2007), Northern Irish republican leader
* John P. Kelly (Philadelphia) (born c. 1939), Philadelphia councilman
* John Kelly (fiddler)
* John Kelly (author / illustrator)
* John Kelly (Doctor Who), member of the Doctor Who Restoration Team
* John Kelly (artist), Australian artist
* John Kelly (Alberta politician), municipal councillor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
* John P. Kelly (New Jersey), member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Ocean County, New Jersey
* John Forrest Kelly, scientist

Armed forces people

*John J.H. Kelly (1851–1907), Medal of Honor, Indian Campaign
*John Kelly (Royal Navy officer) (1871–1936), British Admiral of the Fleet
*John J. Kelly (1898–1957), USMC, World War I Army and Navy Medal of Honor recipient
*John D. Kelly (Medal of Honor recipient) (died 1944), American soldier, World War II Medal of Honor recipient
*John D. Kelly (1928–1952), USMC, Korean War Medal of Honor recipient


*John B. Kelly, Sr. (1889–1960), triple gold medal winning Olympic rower, father of Grace Kelly and John B. Kelly, Jr.
*John B. Kelly, Jr. (1927–1985), Olympic rower, Philadelphia councilman, head of the US Olympic Committee and brother of Grace Kelly
*Kick Kelly (1856–1926), also known as "Honest John," American baseball player and umpire, boxing referee and gambling operator
*John Kelly (rugby player)
*John Kelly (golfer), American amateur golfer
*John Kelly (hurler), Dublin hurler
*John Kelly (broadcaster), ice hockey sportscaster
*John Kelly (Derbyshire and Lancashire cricketer), English cricketer
*John Kelly (footballer born 1960), Anglo-Irish soccer player whose clubs included Tranmere Rovers, Preston North End and Chester City
*John "Shipwreck" Kelly, American football player


*John Kelly (NYPD Blue), character in "NYPD Blue" played by David Caruso
*Real name of John Clark (Tom Clancy character), character in a number of Tom Clancy novels
*Jack Kelly, character in the 1992 Disney film "Newsies", played by Christian Bale


*John Kelly Girls' Technology College

Music albums

*John P. Kelly (album), an album by rapper Mr. Cheeks

ee also

*John Kelley

Источник: John Kelly

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