Электронная книга: Andreas Herrmann «The Chemistry and Biology of Volatiles»

The Chemistry and Biology of Volatiles

"Coming to a conclusion, this wonderful, informative and very interesting book presents an excellent overview of small volatile organic compounds and their role in our life and environment. Really fascinating is the entirety of scientific disciplines which were addressed by this book."–Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 2011 «… this book deserves to be a well-used reference in the library of any laboratory specialising in VOC». –Chemistry World, 2011 Volatile compounds are molecules with a relatively low molecular weight allowing for an efficient evaporation into the air. They are found in many areas of our everyday-life: they are responsible for the communication between species such as plants, insects or mammals; theyserve as flavours or fragrances in many food products or perfumed consumer articles; and they play an important role in atmospheric chemistry. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to volatile molecules. Review-style introductions to the main topics in volatile chemistry and biology are provided by international experts, building into a broad overview of this fascinating field. Topics covered include: The structural variety of volatile compounds Biogeneration of volatiles Synthesis of natural and non-natural volatiles Analysis of volatiles Volatile compounds as semiochemicals in plant-plant or plant-insect interactions Volatiles in pest control Pheromones and the influence of volatiles on mammals Olfaction and human perception Volatiles as fragrances The generation of flavours and food aroma compounds Stabilisation and controlled release of volatiles The impact of volatiles on the environment and the atmosphere

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9780470669556

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The Chemistry and Biology of VolatilesComing to a conclusion, this wonderful, informative and very interesting book presents an excellent overview of small volatile organic compounds and their role in our life and environment. Really… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, электронная книга Подробнее...13268.06электронная книга

Andreas Herrmann

Andreas Herrmann (* 15. Oktober 1964) ist ein deutscher Betriebswirtschaftler. Er ist Leiter der Forschungsstelle für Business Metrics an der Universität St. Gallen.


Herrmann studierte Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Wissenschaftlichen Hochschule für Unternehmensführung Koblenz (WHU) und wurde 1991 promoviert; 1996 erhielt er die Venia für Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Universität Mannheim. Ab 1997 war Herrmann Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Marketing an der Universität Mainz. 2001 wechselte er an die Universität St. Gallen.

Er hat in namhaften Fachzeitschriften publiziert, darunter im Journal of Marketing und im Journal of Marketing Research.

Beim Handelsblatt Betriebswirte-Ranking 2009, das die Forschungsleistung von 2100 Betriebswirten in Deutschland, Österreich und der deutschsprachigen Schweiz gemessen an der Qualität der Publikationen seit 2005 analysiert, erreichte er Platz 8.[1]



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Источник: Andreas Herrmann

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