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Caliphs and Kings. Spain, 796-1031

Roger Collins, a leading historian, investigates a time in Spanish history known for its multi-religious society– when Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in apparent harmony – revealing a fuller, more complex picture of this fascinating period. Presents new ideas and interpretations of a fascinating yet much misunderstood period of Spanish and Islamic history A broad and complex treatment of the tenure ofthe Umayyad dynasty in Spain Debunks myths and investigates the historiography of existing scholarship of the period

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118273982

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Caliphs and Kings. Spain, 796-1031Roger Collins, a leading historian, investigates a time in Spanish history known for its multi-religious society– when Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in apparent harmony – revealing a fuller… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, электронная книга Подробнее...6552.08электронная книга

Roger Collins

Roger J. H. Collins (born 1949[1]) is an English medievalist, currently an honorary fellow in history at the University of Edinburgh.

Collins studied at the University of Oxford (Queen's and Saint Cross Colleges) under Peter Brown and John Michael Wallace-Hadrill. He then taught ancient and medieval history at the universities of Liverpool and Bristol. He arrived at the University of Edinburgh in 1994 and joined the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities before becoming an honorary fellow in the Department of History (now the School of History, Classics and Archaeology) in 1998.

His research has primarily concerned the Early Middle Ages, with an emphasis on Spain, but also the Franks. His studies on the Basques and the Papacy (ongoing) have extended beyond this medieval period into the modern. His most recent publication is a book on the seventh- and eighth-century versions of the Chronicle of Fredegar for the Monumenta Germaniae Historica.

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