Электронная книга: Fritz Appel «Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloys. Science and Technology»

Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloys. Science and Technology

The first book entirely dedicated to the topic emphasizes the relation between basic research and actual processing technologies. As such, it covers complex microstructures down to the nanometer scale, structure/property relationships and potential applications in key industries. From the contents: * Constitution * Thermophysical Constants * Phase Transformations and Microstructures * Deformation Behaviour * Strengthening Mechanisms * Creep * Fracture Behaviour * Fatigue * Oxidation Resistance and Related Issues * Alloy Design * Ingot Production and Component Casting * Powder Metallurgy * Wrought Processing * Joining * Surface Hardening * Applications and Component Assessment

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9783527636228

электронная книга

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