Электронная книга: Geary Rummler A. «Rediscovering Value. Leading the 3-D Enterprise to Sustainable Success»

Rediscovering Value. Leading the 3-D Enterprise to Sustainable Success

To paraphrase a number of philosophers, the major challenge any executive or manager (and especially any CEO) faces is that his or her experience of the reality of the organization is not the same as the reality itself. How then does an executive: 1) develop a more accurate and complete representation of the organization, 2) identify critical business issues and improvement opportunities across this system, 3) design a way forward, and 4) install the feedback and measurement mechanisms necessary to ensure the organizational system delivers the performance and stays on course? This is where this book comes into its own. – Michael DeNoma president and CEO, Chinatrust Commercial Bank «Every CEO (or executive managing a business) should read and understand Rediscovering Value if they want to effectively lead and manage their company. Leading a company without an understanding of the value and resource dimensions and how to manage them is like flying an airplane without a navigation system. The team at PDL has done an unbelievable job of describing the principles of an organization and how to effectively organize, lead, and manage the enterprise. Our company used PDL's systems approach to planning and managing and it was like turning on the lights in a dark room. Our people became process- and work-focused and morale improved dramatically as we moved away from the silo approach of running a business. Rediscovering Value is a must-read for any executive.» – Steve Hassenfelt CEO, Granville Capital, Inc. From author of the acclaimed Improving Performance, an exploration of the concept of Value Management and technology, comes the next step resource that introduces the transformation model. Rediscovering Value gives a preliminary description of the SOE phase, and covers the dimensions of the model. The book dissects each phase of the model, and describes what is accomplished along each dimension, the criteria to reach the next phase, and the key challenges of each phase (Stabilize, Optimize, Exploit in detail). It lays out the success factors for effective process design, improvement, and management.

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