Book: Tian Charlie «Invest Like a Guru. How to Generate Higher Returns At Reduced Risk With Value Investing»

Invest Like a Guru. How to Generate Higher Returns At Reduced Risk With Value Investing

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Value investing is the style that Warren Buffett relied on to build his wealth and, as the practice develops, greater success is achieved as investors are shifting from the traditional Ben Graham style of investing in cheap companies to Warren Buffett's high-quality method. To date, there hasn't been a book that focuses on the Warren Buffett strategy of "buy[ing] good companies at fair prices" ; You Too Can Invest Like a Guru will emphasize the importance of business quality in value investing and provide critical guidelines regarding how users can practice high-quality value investing. This book will feature two parts. The first will detail the high-quality-focused value investing concept, its analysis process, case-studies analysis, and checklists, and will also demonstrate how to determine the quality of a business and the calculation of the intrinsic value of its stocks, etc. The book will additionally account for the most important factors in high-quality value investing and assist investors in eschewing permanent losses in value investing by avoiding value traps. You Too Can Invest Like a Guru will provide detailed steps for analysis and valuation and will also touch on the roles of market and economic cycles and market valuation. The second part will discuss the key ratios/factors and calculations of the analysis process with real examples.

Издательство: "Wiley" (2017)

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