Book: Ким К., Карпова И. «The electromagnetic acceleration of shells and missiles Монография»

The electromagnetic acceleration of shells and missiles Монография

The electrodynamic, electromagnetic and electrohydropulsive accelerating systems of objects are considered. The electrodynamic accelerators of electroconducting bodies are described. Their principle of action is based on the interaction of pulse magnetic field with currents induced in the accelerated body. To increase the pulse magnetic field we use the principle of electromagnetic cumulation of the initial magnetic field created by a superconducting coil. We give the concept of an electric acceleration of large objects having a weight of about 1000 kg till the speeds which are approaching to the space speeds. It is based on the combination of the conduction and induction principles of accelerating objects. It is shown that to increase the efficiency of a railgun we should divide the rail into separate electrically not connected segments and regenerate the energy of the magnetic field of a rail. We noticed in order to reduce losses in a rail it is reasonable to use the multilayered...

Формат: Мягкая глянцевая, 86 стр.

ISBN: 9785448602689

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