Book: Weir A. «Six Tudor Queens Anne Boleyn A King s Obsession»

Six Tudor Queens Anne Boleyn A King s Obsession

Anne Boleyn: A Kings Obsession by bestselling historian Alison Weir, author of Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen, is the second captivating novel in the Six Tudor Queens series. An unforgettable portrait of the ambitious woman whose fate we know all too well, but whose true motivations may surprise you. Essential reading for fans of Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick. The young woman who changed the course of history. Fresh from the palaces of Burgundy and France, Anne draws attention at the English court, embracing the play of courtly love. But when the King commands, nothing is ever a game. Anne has a spirit worthy of a crown - and the crown is what she seeks. At any price. ANNE BOLEYN. The second of Henrys Queens. Her story. History tells us why she died. This powerful novel shows her as she lived.

Формат: Мягкая бумажная, 534 стр.

ISBN: 9781472227669

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