Электронная книга: Fletcher Robert «Normal Binocular Vision. Theory, Investigation and Practical Aspects»

Normal Binocular Vision. Theory, Investigation and Practical Aspects

Binocular vision, i.e. where both eyes are used together, is a fundamental component of human sight. It also aids hand-eye co-ordination, and the perception of the self within the environment. Clinical anomalies pose a wide range of problems to the sufferer, but normal binocular operation must first be understood before the eye specialist can assess and treat dysfunctions. This is a major new textbook for students of optometry, orthoptics and ophthalmology, and also of psychology. Chapters span such key topics as binocular summation, fusion, the normal horopter, anatomy of the extra-ocular muscles, oculomotor control, binocular integration and depth perception. Fully illustrated throughout, the book includes self-assessment exercises at the end of each chapter, and sample experiments in binocular vision functioning.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781119480457

электронная книга

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Fletcher, Robert

(fl. 1586)
   He appears to have come from Warwickshire and graduated B.A. (1564) and M.A. (1567) from Merton College, Oxford. On account of some misdemeanor he was asked to leave and renounce his fellowship. He became a schoolmaster at Taunton, Somerset, and afterwards a preacher, though there is no record of his being ordained. He wrote many epigrams and short poems. His known publications: An Introduction to the Looue of God (shortened title), 1581. The Song of Solomon, 1586. The Nine English Worthies 1606 (from Henry I [1100-35] to Prince Henry [1594-1612], son of James I; a brief life of each monarch in prose is followed by an epitaph in verse, except in the last case, where the life is wholly in verse). Some of his poems: "A Sing-song on Clarinda's Wedding," "Degenerate Love and Choyce," "May Day," "The Engagement Stated," "The Model of the New Religion," "The Myrtle Grove," "Upon the Death of John Selden," "Some of His Epigrams: 24, in Candidum," "31, Ad Rufinum," "44, in Sextum," "60, De Curiatio," "75, in Lupercum," "78, in Uarum," "95, in Nævolum."
   Sources: Dictionary of National Biography. Electronic Edition 1.1. Oxford University Press, 1997. See his poems and epigrams in English Poetry: Author Search. ChadwyckHealey Ltd., 1995 (http://www.lib.utexas.edu:8080/search/epoetry/author.html).

Источник: Fletcher, Robert

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