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A Social History of Knowledge II. From the Encyclopaedia to Wikipedia

Peter Burke follows up his magisterial Social History of Knowledge, picking up where the first volume left off around 1750 at the publication of the French Encyclopédie and following the story through to Wikipedia. Like the previous volume, it offers a social history (or a retrospective sociology of knowledge) in the sense that it focuses not on individuals but on groups, institutions, collective practices and general trends. The book is divided into 3 parts.The first argues that activities which appear to be timeless – gathering knowledge, analysing, disseminating and employing it – are in fact time-bound and take different forms in different periods and places. The second part tries to counter the tendency to write a triumphalist history of the'growth'of knowledge by discussing losses of knowledge and the price of specialization. The third part offers geographical, sociological and chronological overviews, contrasting the experience of centres and peripheries and arguing that each of the main trends of the period– professionalization, secularization, nationalization, democratization, etc, coexisted and interacted with its opposite. As ever, Peter Burke presents a breath-taking range of scholarship in prose of exemplary clarity and accessibility. This highly anticipated second volume will be essential reading across the humanities and social sciences.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9780745675701

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Peter Burke

Peter Burke (born 1937) is a British historian. He was educated by the Jesuits and at St John's College, Oxford, where he obtained his doctorate. From 1962 to 1979 he was part of the School of European Studies at Sussex University, before moving to the University of Cambridge where he still holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Cultural History and Fellow of Emmanuel College. Burke is celebrated as a historian not only of the early modern era, but one who emphasizes the relevance of social and cultural history to present-day issues. He is married to the Brazilian historian Maria Lúcia García Pallare.

Among his most important works are:
* "The Italian Renaissance" (1972)
* "Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe" (1978)
* "The Renaissance" (1987)
* "History and Social Theory" (1991)
* "Varieties of cultural history" (1997)
* "New perspectives on historical writing" (2001) (editor and contributor)
* "The Fabrication of Louis XIV" (1992)
* "The Art of Conversation" (1993)
* "A Social History of Knowledge" (2000)
* "The European Renaissance: Centres and Peripheries" (1998)
* "Eyewitnessing" (2000)
* "What is Cultural History?" (2004)
* "Languages and Communities in Early Modern Europe" (2004)

External links

* [http://www.emma.cam.ac.uk/teaching/fellows/display/index.cfm?fellow=49 Emmanuel College biograhy]
*worldcat id|lccn-n50-32316

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