Электронная книга: Sergey D Skudaev «The Easiest Way to Understand Chemistry. Chemistry Concepts, Problems and Solutions»

The Easiest Way to Understand Chemistry. Chemistry Concepts, Problems and Solutions

If you are a parent struggling to help your child with chemistry homework, this is a short book that will help you. It covers key chemistry topics: Oxides, Bases, Acids, Salts, Equivalent proportions, Acid Base reactions, Weight and Volume problems, Equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s Principle, Freezing and Boiling points, Balance Redox Reactions, Stoichiometry (with answers and solutions).If you are student, read this book and you will prove to yourself that you can understand chemistry!

Издательство: "Издательские решения"

ISBN: 9785449090805

электронная книга

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