Электронная книга: Schwartz Dan «The Future of Finance. How Private Equity and Venture Capital Will Shape the Global Economy »

The Future of Finance. How Private Equity and Venture Capital Will Shape the Global Economy

Dan Schwartz has done a masterful job of synthesizing the thoughts of some of the best minds in the private equity business along with his own to create a superb discussion of the industry, past, present, and most importantly where it is going. This is a must-read for anyone in the private equity world and for those considering the field. Leonard Harlan Chairman, Executive Committee, Castle Harlan Dan Schwartz was a first-hand witness to the birth of private equity in Asia and has chronicled its explosive growth over the past two decades. In The Future of Finance he uses an insider’s perspective to full effect, pulling together the views of many practitioners to illuminate both the roots of the 2008 global crisis and private equity’s potential role in rebuilding our financial system. Schwartz’ fast-paced, conversational style makes for a welcome contrast to dry economicanalysis—well worth reading for both business leaders and students of finance. Dan Carroll Managing Partner, TPG Dan Schwartz’s The Future of Finance offers an insightful and compelling window into the world of private equity and venture capital. Schwartz has leveraged his more than 20 years ofindustry experience to produce a well researched and nuanced work that will prove invaluable to anyone interested in these fields. Joe Bae Managing Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts&Co. Asia For anyone concerned about the future economic impact of global innovation, job creation, and finance, Dan Schwartz’s comprehensive new treatise is a must-read. Replete with in-depth perspectives of dozens of the most senior global venture capital and private equity leaders and numerous case study examples, this gem artfully explains the dramatic changes happening in these vital industries and how government leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and investors must adapt for continuing success in the second decade of the 21st century. Dixon R. Doll Cofounder and General Partner, DCM Chairman, U. S. National Venture Capital Assoc. (2008-09) From cottage industry to multi-billion asset class, Asian private equity has transformed the region’s financial and corporate landscape in two short decades. Dan Schwartz was present at the beginning of this fascinating era as iconic spokesman and entrepreneurial founder of AVCJ. His contribution as chief convener to the industry helped shape an asset class. TheFuture of Finance is forward-looking while drawing upon the rich past of an industry’s development amid volatile cycles, financial crises, pandemics, capital excess, capital drought and Darwinian struggles. Many of the prime movers, who paved the way to the future, have shared privileged views with Dan over the years and now on these insightful pages. Philip Bilden Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners (Asia) Dan Schwartz’s extensive and experienced network has enabled him to tap the key issues and insights of today’s leading private equity and venture capital practitioners around theworld. This enlivens Dan’s stroll through Europe, North America and Asia as he examines the development of these private capital markets…and these insights shape the prism through which he views a future for private equity in the coming decades. Bill Ferris Executive Chairman, Champ Private Equity Dan Schwartz is the person best placed to write about the history of the private equity industry in Asia—he was there right from the beginning. In nearly two decades, he has been a keen observer of the industry’s developments and market trends. He was the cheerleader when the indus

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ISBN: 9781118179536

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