Электронная книга: Kaplan Peter W. «Clinical Electrophysiology. A Handbook for Neurologists»

Clinical Electrophysiology. A Handbook for Neurologists

Bridging the clinical electrophysiological investigation with the neurological consultation Acutely ill patients present with symptoms that don’t immediately yield a diagnosis. Electrophysiological testing can support diagnosis but only if the appropriate tests are ordered. They must be properly interpreted in conjunction with the actual symptoms. Clinical Electrophysiology presents a wide range of symptoms with specific electrophysiological results. The handbook shows how the complete picture leads to better diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic conclusions. The book is organized by the presenting neurological problem in a clinical setting. For each case the authors provide a possible electrophysiological result. This is interpreted and tied to the patient’s symptoms to yield a clinical solution. The handbook avoids theoretical discussion to provide a direct practical guide that: Begins with the patient’s symptoms Uses a range of electrophysiological modalities Shows different test results for similar symptoms Relates clinical observation to electrophysiological testing A final casebook section presents readers with rarer clinical challenges for self-testing. Providing practical, to-the-point guidance on electrophysiological investigations, Clinical Electrophysiology will guide all neurologists attending acutely ill patients.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781444322996

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