Электронная книга: Jones Anthony C. «CVD of Compound Semiconductors. Precursor Synthesis, Developmeny and Applications»

CVD of Compound Semiconductors. Precursor Synthesis, Developmeny and Applications

Chemical growth methods of electronic materials are the keystone of microelectronic device processing. This book discusses the applications of metalorganic chemistry for the vapor phase deposition of compound semiconductors. Vapor phase methods used for semiconductor deposition and the materials properties that make the organometallic precursors useful in the electronics industry are discussed for a variety of materials. Topics included: * techniques for compound semiconductor growth * metalorganic precursors for III-V MOVPE * metalorganic precursors for II-VI MOVPE * single-source precursors * chemical beam epitaxy * atomic layer epitaxy Several useful appendixes and a critically selected, up-to-date list of references round off this practical handbook for materials scientists, solid-state and organometallic chemists, and engineers.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9783527614622

электронная книга

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