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The Little Demon

Производитель: "Penguin Group"

A dark classic of Russia`s silver age, this blackly funny novel recounts a schoolteacher`s descent into sadism, arson and murder. Mad, lascivious, sadistic and ridiculous, the provincial school teacher Peredonov torments his students and has hallucinatory fantasies about acts of savagery and degradation, yet to everyone else he is an upstanding member of society. As he pursues the idea of marrying to gain promotion, he descends into paranoia, sexual perversion, arson, torture and murder. Sologub`s anti-hero is one of the great comic monsters of twentieth-century fiction, subsequently lending his name to the brand of sado-masochism known as Peredonovism. The Little Demon (1907) made an immediate star of its author who, refuting suggestions that the work was autobiographical, stated`No, my dear contemporaries... it is about you`. This grotesque mirror of a spiritually bankrupt society is arguably the finest Russian novel to have come out of the Symbolist movement. Fyodor Sologub was born in St Petersburg in 1863. His first two novels Bad Dreams (1896) and The Little Demon (1907) were drawn from his own experiences as schoolmaster in a remote provincial town. For many years Sologub could not find a publisher for The Little Demon but when in 1907 the novel was at last published - to immediate and resounding success - he was able to leave his restricting career and devote himself to literature. In 1921 his wife committed suicide and Sologub died a few years later in 1927. Ronald Wilks studied Russian language and literature at Trinity College, Cambridge, after training as a Naval interpreter, and later Russian literature at London University. He has translated many works from Russian for Penguin Classics, including books by Gorky, Gogol, Pushkin, Tolstoy and Chekhov. ISBN:978-0-14-139293-6

Издательство: "Penguin Group" (2013)

ISBN: 978-0-14-139293-6

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The Little DemonA dark classic of Russia's silver age, this blackly funny novel recounts a schoolteacher's descent into sadism, arson and murder. Mad, lascivious, sadistic and ridiculous, the provincial school… — Penguin Group, - Подробнее...2013937бумажная книга


   Pseudonym of Russian poet and novelist Fyodor-Kuzmich Teternikov (1863-1927), who remains best known for his second novel, Melkii bes (1907; best trans R. Wilks as The Little Demon 1962 UK); the title refers to the apotheosis of numbing mediocrity, mercilessly depicted, which devours the schoolteacher protagonist. FS's third novel, Tvorimaia legenda (1907-13 Shipovnik, then Zemlya; cut 1914; part 1 only of cut text transJohn Cournos as The Created Legend 1916 UK; complete trans Samuel D. Cioran of restored text in 3 vols as The Created Legend 1979 US), is sf, though of a strange order. The 1st vol describes the life in 1905 Russia of the protagonist who-pedagogue, inventor, sybarite and mage - clearly represents a wish-fulfilment version of the author. The 2nd describes the RURITANIAN kingdom of the United Isles, threatened by volcanoes anddynastic upheavals. In the 3rd, after successfully applying to become king - echoes of Frederick ROLFE's Hadrian VII (1904) are clear - theprotagonist escapes Russia in a spherical flying device of his own invention and enters into his meritocratic heritage. The text as a whole irretrievably mixes superscience, Satanism, an eroticized vision of history, SATIRE and dream. The Sweet-Scented Name, and Other Fairy Tales, Fables and Stories (coll trans Stephen Graham 1915 UK) and The Old Houseand Other Tales (coll trans John Cournos 1916 UK) contain some fantasies.

Источник: SOLOGUB, Fyodor

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