Book: Вышар Н., Габышева А., Крестовская Н., Субботина В., Широков Ю. «Северная резная кость Ivory Carving in Northern Russia на английском языке»

Северная резная кость Ivory Carving in Northern Russia на английском языке

Interbook Business Publishing House is publishing a series of art books "Masterpieces of Russian Folk Art" in English, German, French and Spanish. The folk arts and crafts perfected by many generations of the gifted Russian people continue to develop and grow in new forms and styles remaining a living segment of the contemporary arts scene and a basis for the national culture.. Each book in the series includes a review article presenting the history of the craft, the works by craftsmen of different generations, and about 200 illustrations showing the best items from the Russian museums and the private collections.

Формат: Суперобложка, 176 стр.

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