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The term Mechatronics is a combination of the words“mechanics” and “electronics”. It is the blending of mechanical, electronic, and computer engineering into an integrated design and implementation. Mechatronics systems employ microprocessors and software as well as special-purpose electronics. The main objective of this interdisciplinary engineering field is the study of automated devices (e.g. robots) from an engineering perspective, thinking about the design of products and manufacturing processes. Today, mechatronics is having a significant and increasing impact on engineering – in the design, development, and operation of engineering systems. Mechatronics systems and products are well established in a great number of industries, such as the aircraft, automotive, computer, electronics, robotics/automation, manufacturing systems, computerized machine tools, communications, and biomedical industries. This book provides details on recent advances in mechatronics, and can be used as a guidebook for final undergraduate engineering courses (for example, mechanical, electronic, computer engineering) or as a reference to the subject of mechatronics at the postgraduate level. It can also serve as a useful reference for academics, mechatronics researchers, mechanical, electronic and computer engineers, and professionals in areas related to mechatronics and robotics.

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ISBN: 9781118614532

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