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Categorical Data Analysis

Praise for the Second Edition«A must-have book for anyone expecting to do research and/or applications in categorical data analysis.» —Statistics in Medicine «It is a total delight reading this book.» —Pharmaceutical Research «If you do any analysis of categorical data, this is an essential desktop reference.» —Technometrics The use of statistical methods for analyzing categorical data has increased dramatically, particularly in the biomedical, social sciences, and financial industries. Responding to new developments, this book offers a comprehensive treatment of the most important methods for categorical dataanalysis. Categorical Data Analysis, Third Edition summarizes the latest methods for univariate and correlated multivariate categorical responses. Readers will find a unified generalized linear models approach that connects logistic regression and Poisson and negative binomial loglinear models fordiscrete data with normal regression for continuous data. This edition also features: An emphasis on logistic and probit regression methods for binary, ordinal, and nominal responses for independent observations and for clustered data with marginal models and random effects models Two new chapters on alternative methods for binary response data, including smoothing and regularization methods, classification methods such as linear discriminant analysis and classification trees, and cluster analysis New sections introducing the Bayesian approach for methods in that chapter More than 100 analysesof data sets and over 600 exercises Notes at the end of each chapter that provide references to recent research and topics not covered in the text, linked to a bibliography of more than 1, 200 sources A supplementary website showing how to use R and SAS; for all examples in the text, with information also about SPSS and Stata and with exercise solutions Categorical Data Analysis, Third Edition is an invaluable tool for statisticians and methodologists, such as biostatisticians and researchers in the social and behavioral sciences, medicine and public health, marketing, education, finance, biological and agricultural sciences, and industrial quality control.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118710852

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