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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases present a major public health challenge. Over 25 diseases can be transmitted through sexual activity, and effective treatment, especially where long term infection can lead to further health problems, and in women infertility, requires good diagnostic skills and understanding of the best treatment methods. This book aims to give a practical guide to diagnosis and treamtent in a patient-centred framework, with care at the heart of the book. The aim of the Gynecology in Practice Series is to provide a clinical'in the office'or'at the bedside'guide to effective patient care for gynecologists. The tone will be practical, not academic. The working assumption is that readers want to know what (and what not) might or should be done, without over emphasis on the why. That said, it is important to review the crucial basic science necessary for effective diagnosis and management, and to provide reminders in the context of the practical chapters. The books will not be heavily referenced, in line with a more practical approach. This allows for smoother reading (and also relieves the burden of comprehensive citing from authors). Key evidence (clinical trials, Cochrane or other meta analyses) should be summarized in'Evidence at a Glance'boxes and key references such as reviews, major papers can be provided in the'selected bibliography'at the end of each chapter. Practical guidance will be provided through: the use of algorithms and guidelines where they are appropriate'Tips and Tricks'boxes– hints on improving outcomes perhaps via practical technique, patient questioning etc'Caution'warning boxes– hints on avoiding problems, perhaps via contraindications'Science Revisited' – quick reminder of the basic science principles necessary for understanding

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited"

ISBN: 9781118314975

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