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Computational Dynamics

Computational Dynamics, 3rd edition, thoroughly revised and updated, provides logical coverage of both theory and numerical computation techniques for practical applications. The author introduces students to this advanced topic covering the concepts, definitions and techniques used in multi-body system dynamics including essential coverage of kinematics and dynamics of motion in three dimensions. He uses analytical tools including Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods as well as Newton-Euler Equations. An educational version of multibody computer code is now included in this new edition www.wiley.com/go/shabana that can be used for instruction and demonstration of the theories and formulations presented in the book, and a new chapter is included to explain the use of this code in solving practical engineering problems. Most books treat the subject of dynamics from an analytical point of view, focusing on the techniques for analyzing the problems presented. This book is exceptional in that it covers the practical computational methods used to solve«real-world» problems. This makes it of particular interest not only for senior/ graduate courses in mechanical and aerospace engineering, but also to professional engineers. Modern and focused treatment of the mathematical techniques, physical theories and application of rigid body mechanics thatemphasizes the fundamentals of the subject, stresses the importance of computational methods and offers a wide variety of examples. Each chapter features simple examples that show the main ideas and procedures, as well as straightforward problem sets that facilitate learning and help readers buildproblem-solving skills

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ISBN: 9780470686867

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