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Saving Globalization. Why Globalization and Democracy Offer the Best Hope for Progress, Peace and Development

Globalization is not new, nor is it a policy, it’s a process that has existed as long as man looked over the horizon, travelled and traded. It can’t be stopped but it can be slowed. It came to a grinding halt in August 1914 and the Marxist detour cost millions of lives and lost three generations their opportunity and hope in many countries. More wealth has been created in the past 60 years than in all of history. After the most successful decade of sustained economic growth in history, this progress is threatened. Extreme inequality, corruption and environmental degradation threaten the stability and legitimacy of many developing countries’ regimes. Anti-globalization and anti-capitalist campaigners’ confidence has been emboldened due to the present economic crisis. Protectionist rhetoric is growing as are the arguments to control and regulate markets. Leaders are meeting to discuss how to face these problems and create a newinternational architecture. How did we get to this position? What should we do? What is it that determines why some contemporary states are successful while others have failed? Saving Globalization departs from its analysis of the globalised economy in the twenty-first century to answer these question by tracing the development of what Moore considers to be ‘the big ideas of history’: democracy, independent courts, the separation of church and state, property rights, independent courts, a professional civil service, and civil society. Democratic capitalism has worked for most people. Why?It is a remarkable story, from the Greeks to the Geeks, encompassing technological progress and the corrections and contradictions between liberty and equality, technology, growth and the environment. In defence of the many virtues and opportunities that globalisation offers, Mike Moore makes the case for a fresh and new approach to our international Institutions and for domestic policies that promote equity and fairness. The book controversially attacks the new enemies of reason and evidence. The threats now come from all sides, especially workers in developed countries who fear for their jobs. Mike Moore is a political practitioner turned theoretician.

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ISBN: 9781118179291

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Mike Moore

honorific-prefix = The Right Honourable
name=Michael Kenneth Moore
honorific-suffix = ONZ

caption=Mike Moore
order=34th Prime Minister of New Zealand
term_start=4 September 1990
term_end=2 November 1990
monarch= Elizabeth II
governor-general=Sir Paul Reeves
predecessor=Geoffrey Palmer
successor=Jim Bolger
deputy=Helen Clark
order2=26th Leader of the Opposition
term_start2=2 November 1990
term_end2=1 December 1993
predecessor2=Jim Bolger
successor2=Helen Clark
order3=6th Director-General of the World Trade Organization
term_start3=1 September 1999
term_end3=1 September 2002
predecessor3=Renato Ruggiero
successor3=Supachai Panitchpakdi
birth_date=Birth date and age|1949|1|28|df=yes
birth_place=Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
constituency= Eden, Christchurch North
profession=Union orgainiser

Michael Kenneth Moore ONZ (known as Mike Moore, born 28 January 1949) is a politician from New Zealand who has served both as Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

Early life

Moore was born in Whakatane, New Zealand in 1949. He was raised in Kawakawa and educated at the Bay of Islands College and Dilworth School. After leaving school he first worked as a labourer and then a printer. He became an active trade unionist and at the age of 17 was elected to the Auckland Trades Council. He became the first youth representative on the Labour Party executive and was Vice-president of the International Union of Socialist Youth for two consecutive terms. [Traue, J. E., 'Who's Who in New Zealand' A.H. & A.W. Reed 1978 ISBN 0 589 01113 8] [http://www.primeminister.govt.nz/oldpms/1990moore.html Prime Minister of New Zealand - Past Prime Ministers: Mike Moore] ] [http://www.iusy.org International Union of Socialist Youth (Veterans)] ]

Member of Parliament

Moore began his parliamentary career when elected as the MP for Eden in 1972, becoming the youngest Member of Parliament ever elected. In 1978 he moved to Christchurch and was elected MP for the north Christchurch electorate, then known as Papanui. He held the seat until 1999: as Papanui until 1984, as Christchurch North until 1996, and as Waimakariri thereafter.

As a government minister he has held numerous portfolios, becoming best known in his role as Overseas Trade Minister with involvement in the GATT negotiations. In 1987 he also became Minister of External Relations and in 1988 Deputy Minister of Finance. In 1990 he became leader of the Labour Party and consequently Prime Minister. The Labour government was not returned to power in the next general election. He led the Official Opposition until 1993 and was spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Trade until 1999. He strongly considered forming a break-away party for the 1996 MMP election but decided against it.

In 1998 he ran for the post of Director-General of the World Trade Organisation and was elected to this position on 22 July 1999. He took up the post on the 1st of September 1999. [http://www.gfc2007.org/Content/Pub/ContentDetail.asp?lngContentID=83 La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia: 4th Annual Global Finance Conference] ] The deal with his rival and succesor Supachai Panitchpakdi meant that he served only half of the usual six year term in the post.

New Zealand Political Positions Held

* Opposition (NZ Labour Party) Spokesperson, Foreign Affairs 1993-1999
* Leader, Parliamentary NZ Labour Party 1990-1993
* Prime Minister of New Zealand 1990
* Minister of Overseas Trade and Marketing 1984-90
* Minister of Tourism, Sport and Recreation 1984-87
* Chair, Cabinet Committee, Economic Development and Employment 1984-90
* Minister for the America’s Cup 1988-90
* Minister of External Relations and Trade 1988-90
* Deputy Minister of Finance 1988-90
* Member of Parliament, Waimakariri (formerly Papanui and Christchurch North) 1978 - 1999
* Member of Parliament, Eden 1972 - 1975.

World Trade Organization

Mike Moore was the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation from 1999 to 2002, his term coincided with momentous changes in the global economy and multilateral trading system. He is widely credited with restoring confidence in the system following the setback of the 3rd WTO Ministerial Conference held in Seattle in 1999. Ministers at the 4th WTO Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar respect him as the driving force behind the decision to launch a new round of multilateral trade negotiations. That meeting in 2001 also saw the successful accession to the WTO of China and Chinese Taipei, which along with Estonia, Jordan, Georgia, Albania, Oman, Croatia, Lithuania and Moldova joined during Mr Moore's term bringing in the majority of the world's population within the rules-based trading system. He gave particular attention to helping poor countries participate effectively in the multilateral trading system.

International Services and Appointments

* Commissioner, UN Commission of Legal Empowerment of the Poor.
* Commissioner, Global Commission on International Migration.
* Director General of the World Trade Organisation 1999-2002.
* Founding member, Global Leadership Foundation.
* Senior Counsellor, Fonterra.
* Member, Trilateral Commission.
* Member, Economic Development Board, South Australia.
* Special Advisor, China Institute for Reform and Development’s World Trade Organisation Reference Centre.
* New Zealand Government Trade Envoy.
* Special Advisor to the United Nations Global Compact for Business and Development.
* Former Board Member to the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.
* Member, Board of Governors for the Institute for International Business, Economics and Law, University of Adelaide.
* Adjunct Professor, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia and University of Adelaide, South Australia.
* Chairperson, Advisory Board of Carnegie Mellon University, Adelaide.
* Honorary Professor, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai.
* Honorary Professor, Chinese University for Political Science and International Law, Beijing.
* Honorary Professor, Shanghai Customs College.
* Visiting Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham, 2003.
* Member, Competition Council, South Australia.
* Honorary President, Beijing Afforestation Foundation. [http://www.mike-moore.info Mike Moore Official website] ]
*Member, Global Leadership Foundation [ [http://www.g-l-f.org/pagebuilder.asp?id=239 Welcome to GLF Global Leadership Foundation ] ]


Mike Moore is an author of a number of books, on subjects ranging from politics to the Pacific. His most recent book on globalisation, 'A World Without Walls', has also been published in Chinese and Turkish. He has a regular newspaper column that appears in five countries. [http://www.latrobe.edu.au/news/2006/mediarelease_2006-28.php La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia: Media Release] ]

Books Published

* 'A World Without Walls' (Cambridge University Press, 2003, also published in Chinese and Turkish)
* 'On Balance'
* 'Beyond Today'
* 'A Pacific Parliament'
* 'The Added Value Economy'
* 'Hard Labour'
* 'Fighting for New Zealand'
* 'Children of the Poor'
* 'A Brief History of the Future'

=Honours and Awards=
* The Order of New Zealand - New Zealand's highest honour
* Commemoration Medal 1990 - New Zealand
* Honorary Doctorate of Commerce - Lincoln University, New Zealand
* Honorary Doctorate in Economics – The People's University of China (Beijing)
* Honorary Doctorate in Commerce – Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
* Honorary Doctorate, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
* Honorary Doctorate in Law, La Trobe University, Australia
* Commander of the Order of the Equatorial Star - Government of Gabon
* Chancellor’s Medal (Medalla Rectoral) - University of Chile
* National Order of Cote d’Ivoire and also the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya - Government of Kenya
* Order of Duke Branimir with Ribbon – Republic of Croatia
* National Honour of Georgia – Government of Georgia
* The Medal of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay – Government of Uruguay – highest national honour
* Pope John Paul II Annual Medal – The Holy See.


NAME=Moore, Michael Kenneth
SHORT DESCRIPTION=Prime Minister of New Zealand, politician, academic
PLACE OF BIRTH=Whakatane, New Zealand

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