Book: «Сборник джазовой танцевальной музыки (CDmp3)»

Сборник джазовой танцевальной музыки (CDmp3)

Серия: "Джаз"

Содержание Ambrose (1927-1935) It's Wonderful (I.&G. Gershwin)Roll Away Clouds (Tunbridge/Fats Waller)Ambrose (1928-1944)Then I'll Be Tired Of You (1934-37) (E. Y. "Yip" Harburg/Arthur Schwartz)My Kid's A Cooner (1934-37)I'm On A See-Saw (1928-44) (Desmond Carter/Vivian Ellis)Benny Carter (1936)Some Of These Days (1936) (Shelton Brooks)Waltzing The Blues (1936) (Benny Carter)Billy Cotton (1930-35)The New Tiger Rag (Nick LaRocca)That Lindy Hop (Blake, Razaf)Bob Crosby (1936-42)Muskrat Ramble (1936) (Ray Gilbert, Kid Ory)Sugar Foot Strut (1936-37) (Henry Myers/Billie Pierce/Charles Schwab)Diga Diga Do (1937-39) (Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh)Blue Surreal (1942) (Moore)Cab Calloway (1941-142)I See A Million People (Una Mae Carlisle/Robert Sour)The Mermaid Song (Keller)I Get The Neck Of The Chicken (Frank Loesser/Jimmy McHugh)Conchita (Barber/Cab Calloway)Hey Doc (Kim Gannon/Edgar Sampson)The Moment I Laid Eyes On You (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler)Minnie The Moocher (Cab Calloway/Clarence Gaskill/Irving Mills)Nain Nain (Cab Calloway/Buck Ram)A Smo-o-o-oth One (Benny Goodman)Casa Loma (1930-1934)Smoke Rings (1932) (Gene Gifford/Ned Washington)Under Blanket Of Blue (1930-34) (Jerry Livingston/Al J. Neiburg/Marty Symes)Casa Loma Stomp (1931) (Gene Gifford)Fletcher Henderson (1924-1931)Go Long Mule (1924-27) (Harry Creamer/Robert A. King)Come On Baby (1927-31) (Sidney Clare/Gottler/Maceo Pinkard)Horace Heidt (1943-45)Peg O'My HeartI Wonder Who's Kissin'Her NowIsham Jones (1933-1936)Nola (Arndt)Jack Hilton (1925-1939)Tiger Rag (1925) (Harry DaCosta/Eddie Edwards/James LaRocca/Henry Ragas/Tony Sbarbaro/Larry Shields)Limehouse Blues (1927-39) (Philip Braham/Douglas Furber)Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling (1927-39) (Milton Ager/Jack Yellen)I Must Have That Man (1926-30) (Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh)That's My Weakness Now (1927-39) (Bud Green/Sam H. Stept)Jan Savitt (1935-1946)Jiminey Crickett (1935-46) (Jan Savitt)Put It Down In Writing (1939)Top Hat Shuffle (1939)Begin The Beguine (1935-46) (Artie Shaw)Ring Dem Blues (1939) (Duke Ellington/Irving Mills)Lew Stone (1927-1940)She's A Latin From Manhattan (1934-37) (Lew Stone)Lovely To Look At (1934-37) (Lew Stone)The Continental (1927-40) (Lew Stone)June In January (1934-37) (Ralph Rainger/Leo Robin)Cheek To Cheek (1934-37) (Lew Stone)Isn't This A Lovely Day (1934-37) (Irving Berlin)I Was Lucky (1934-37) (Lew Stone)McKinney Cotton Pickkers (1929-1930)Okay, Baby (M. Pinkard/William Tracey)Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1931)Levee Low Down (Shelton Brooks/Irving Mills)Heebie Jeebies (Boyd Atkins)Blues In My Heart (Benny Carter/Irving Mills)I Can't Get Along Without My Baby (Bill Hayes/Irving Mills)Blue Rhythm (Leslie/Irving Mills)Red Devil (Irving Mills, Frank Perkins)Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish)Sugar Blues (Clarence Williams)Ozzie Nelson (1937-42)I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire (Bennie Benjamin/Eddie Durham/Sol Marcus/Eddie Seiler)Paul Whiteman (1920-29)Broadway (1927) (Lew Brown/Buddy DeSylva/Ray Henderson)Charleston (1920-29) (James P. Johnson/Cecil Mack)Three O'Clock In The Morning (1926) (P. W.)Manhattan Mary (1927) (L. Brown/De Sylva/Ray Henderson)Raymond Scott (1944)Two Way StretchMairzy Doats (Milton Drake/Al Hoffman/Jerry Livingston)Pop Goes The WeaselPaper DollRay Noble (1930-1934)Let Me Give My Happiness To You (Furber/Simon Posford)Trouble In Paradise (Milton Ager/Jean Schwartz/Weaver)The Lights Of Paris (Tolchard Evans)The Moment I Saw You (Noel Gay)How Could I Be Lonely (Maurice)When You've Fallen In Love (Turnbridge/Fats Waller)Rodger Khan (1925-1932)Jersey Walk (Dowling/Hanley)Roy Fox (1931-38)I Saw Stars (1931-34)Soon (1931-34)One Morning In May (1931-38) (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish)Drowsy Blues (1931-34) (Templeton)Jungle Drums (1931-34) (Ernesto Lecuona)Out In The Cold Again (1931-35)Spike Hughes (1933)Fanfare (trad.)Will Bradley (1941-1942)FascinationQuicksilver ( Billy Maxted)A City Called Heaven (Bob Warren)Request For A Rhumba (Freeman/Jordan)April In Paris (Vernon Duke/E. Y." Yip" Harburg)For Me A Cookie With A Can Of Lard Общее время звучания: 4 ч. 6 мин. Диск содержит 85 треков в формате mp3. Системные требования Операционная система: Windows 95/98 Процессор: Pentium 100 MHz Память: 16 Mb Звук CD-ROM: 8x. Комплектность: 1 диск в упаковке. Тип упаковки: Jevel.

Издательство: "ИДДК" (2007)

ISBN: 4607162365334

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