Книга: Caz, Buckingham ; Pinnington, Andrea «Let`s Look for Garden Birds (+ 30 reusable stickers)»

Let`s Look for Garden Birds (+ 30 reusable stickers)

Производитель: "Неизвестный"

Let`s Look for Garden Birds (+ 30 reusable stickers) ISBN:9781908489043

Издательство: "Неизвестный" (2013)

ISBN: 9781908489043

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Infobox Radio station
name = CAZ!

city =
area = NLD
branding =
slogan = Your Hits More Music
frequency = 12.574GHz horizontal (Astra 1 19.2°E)
repeater =
airdate = April 18, 2006
share =
share as of =
share source =
format = Pop, Dance and Urban
power =
erp =
haat =
class =
facility_id =
coordinates =
callsign_meaning =
former_callsigns = Holland FM, HitRadio Holland FM, HitRadio 1224, HitRadio Veronica, Veronica FM, Yorin FM
affiliations =
owner = Arrow
licensee =
sister_stations = Arrow Classic Rock
Arrow Jazz FM
webcast =
website = [http://www.caz.nl/ caz.nl]

Caz! is a Dutch commercial radio station that started on April 18 2006 at 06.00 using the frequencies formally used by Yorin as Yorin FM. Due to disappointing results, RTL Group sold Yorin FM in 2006 to SBS Broadcasting who relaunched it under the Caz! brand. SBS chose the name Caz! from a list of hundreds of potential names. The name Caz! was eventually chosen because it contains no abbreviations.

Caz! targets the 20 - 34 age group with Pop, Dance and Urban music. The station is noted for its non-stop music programmes played mostly over the weekend. These programmes include "Welcome to your weekend mix!", "Blended" and "Non Stop".

In May 2007, SBS Broadcasting sold the Caz! radio station to Arrow Classic Rock. Arrow started broadcasting their own station on the Caz! FM radio frequencies on June 30, 2007. Hence, as of this date, Caz!, will not be available over the air. There is however, the option to listen to Caz! via cable, satellite or their official website.

Caz! DJs

* Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte
* Albert-Jan Sluis
* Maurice Verschuuren
* Jurjen Gofers
* Koen van Huijgevoort
* Ferry van der Heijden
* Joey Hereman
* Rinse Blanksma
* Martin Pieters
* Joshua Walters
* DJ Jean

ee also

* List of radio stations in the Netherlands

External links

* [http://www.caz.nl/ Caz! Website]

Источник: Caz!


Infobox Given Name Revised
name = Andrea

gender = Unisex
meaning = Manly
region =
origin = Greek
related names =
footnotes =
Andrea is a given name common in many parts of the world:

* In English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish, "Andrea" is used as a woman's name, as the feminine form of Andrew, Andreas, András or Andre.
* In Italy and Albania, "Andrea" is a masculine name, the equivalent of Andrew.
* In Croatia and Slovenia, "Andre(j)a" is a feminine name, while "Andrija", "Andre" and "Andrej" are masculine forms.
* "Andréa", with an accent mark, is a Brazilian Portuguese form of Andrea. The Portuguese equivalent (feminine of "André") would be "Andreia".
* In Basque language "Andrea" is a variant of "Andere", both used as woman names, in fact it means "woman, lady".
*"Andrea" in this particular lettering, can be pronounced in many ways.

Origin of the name

It derives from the Greek ανήρ ("anēr"), genitive ανδρός ("andrós"), that indicates the man with reference to its masculinity, as opposed to the woman (while "man" in the meaning of "human genre" is άνθρωπος, "ánthropos", ανθρώπου, "anthrópou").

The original Greek name, "Andréas", represents the hypocoristic, with endearment functions, of male Greek names composed with the "andr-" prefix, like Androgeos, Androcles, Andronikos. "Andreina"). In the year 2006, it was the third most popular name with 3.1% of newborns. [ISTAT 2006] It is one of the few Italian male names ending in "a", with others being Elia (Elias), Enea (Aeneas), Luca (Lucas), Mattia (Matthias), Nicola (Nicholas), Tobia (Tobias).

It is traditionally popular because, according to the Christian Bible, Saint Andrew was one of the earliest disciples of Jesus and one of the twelve Apostles.

In various Latin-American countries the name Andrea is one of the most common and popular among girl names.Fact|date=December 2007

Notable people named Andrea


*Andrea Allan (born 1946), American actress
*Andrea Anders (born 1975), American actress
*Andrea Armstrong (born 1982), former American collegiate basketball player
*Andrea Ávila (born 1970), Argentine long and triple jumper
*Andrea Barber (born 1976), American actress
*Andrea Barthwell, American federal civil servant and Illinois political hopeful
*Andrea Berg (born 1981), German volleyball player
*Andrea Borrell (born 1963), Cuban basketball player
*Andrea Bowen (born 1990), American actress
*Andrea Brown, American singer
*Andrea Corr (born 1974), Irish musician
*Andrea Davis (born 1980), Beauty Pageant Titleholder, Mrs. Pacific Islands
*Andrea Demirović (born 1985), Montenegrin singer
*Andrea Dewar (born 1979), Canadian water polo player
*Andrea Dworkin (1946–2005), American radical feminist and writer
*Andrea Evans (born 1957), American actress
*Andrea Feldman (born 1948), American actress
*Andrea Fischer (born 1960), German politician
*Andrea Ghez, American astronomer
*Andrea Hall (born 1947), American soap opera actress
*Andréa Henriques (born 1980), Brazilian water polo player
*Andrea Jaeger (born1965), professional tennis player
*Andrea Jumapao (born 1958), model and actress
*Andrea Jung (born 1959), business executive
*Andrea Koppel, news correspondent
*Andrea Lau (born 1947), German actress
*Andrea Leeds (1914–1984), American actress
*Andrea Levy (born 1956), British author
*Andrea Lewis (born 1985), Canadian actress
*Andrea Lowe, British actress
*Andrea Martin (born 1947), actress and comedian
*Andrea Mason (born 1968), Australian politician
*Andrea McArdle (born 1963), American singer and actress
*Andrea Mitchell (born 1946), American news correspondent
*Andrea Moody (born 1978), Canadian swimmer
*Andrea Thompson (born 1960), American actress
*Andrea Tóth (born 1980), Hungarian water polo player
*Andrea True (born 1943), porn star and singer
*Andrea Yates (born 1964), American defendant in a notorious filicide case
*Andrea Zollo, American singer
*Andrea Zonn, American singer and musician
*Andrea Zsadon, (born 1946) Hungarian soprano


*Andrea Alciato (1492–1550), Italian jurist
*Andrea Ammonio (d. 1517), Italian poet
*Andrea Andreani (1540–1623), Italian engraver on wood
*Andrea Appiani (1754–1817), Italian painter
*Andrea Bacci (born 1972), Italian race car driver
*Andrea Baldini (born 1985), Italian fencer
*Andrea Bargnani (born 1985), Italian basketball player
*Andrea Bianchi, Italian film director
*Andrea Boattini, Italian astronomer
*Andrea Bocelli (born 1958), singer, writer and music producer
*Andrea Bonomi, Italian footballer
*Andrea Branzi, Italian architect and designer
*Andrea Briosco (c. 1470–1532), Italian sculptor and architect
*Andrea Bruschi (born 1968), Italian actor
*Andrea Camilleri (born 1925), Italian writer
*Andrea Caracciolo (born 1981), Italian footballer
*Andrea Casiraghi (born 1984), eldest child of HRH Princess Caroline of Monaco
*Andrea Cesalpino (1519–1603), Italian physician, philosopher and botanist
*Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo (born 1925), Archbishop of Tuscania
*Andrea Costa (1851–1913), an Italian socialist activist
*Andrea Doria (1466–1560), Genoese condottiere and admiral.

*Andrea da Firenze, Italian composer
*Andrea Gabrieli (c. 151 –1586), Italian composer
*Andrea Ghiurghi (born 1966), Italian beach volleyball player
*Andrea Guatelli (born 1984), Italian football player
*Andrea Luchesi (1741–1801), Italian composer
*Andrea Mannai (born 1963), Italian boxer
*Andrea Mantegna (c. 1431–1506), Florentine painter
*Andrea Orcagna (c. 1308–1368), Florentine painter, sculptor and architect
*Andrea Palladio (1508–1580), Italian architect
*Andrea Pazienza (1956–1988), Italian comics artist
*Andrea Pirlo (born 1979), Italian football player
*Andrea Pisano (c. 1270–1348), Italian sculptor and architect
*Andrea Sansovino (c. 1467–1529), Italian sculptor
*Andrea diSessa, educator
*Andrea Solari (c. 1460–1524), Renaissance painter
*Andrea Tafi (fl. 1300–1325), Italian artist
*Andrea del Verrocchio (c. 1435–1488), Florentine sculptor
*Andrea Zanzotto (born 1921), Italian poet



*wikicite|id=ISTAT2004|reference=ISTAT (2004). "Natalità e fecondità della popolazione residente: caratteristiche e tendenze recenti", Istituto nazionale di statistica. [http://www.istat.it/salastampa/comunicati/non_calendario/20060801_00/testointegrale.pdf]

Источник: Andrea

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