Электронная книга: James Hyerczyk A. «Pattern, Price and Time. Using Gann Theory in Technical Analysis»

Pattern, Price and Time. Using Gann Theory in Technical Analysis

Praise for Pattern, Price&Time Second Edition«Jim's breadth of knowledge spans futures, Forex, stocks, Gann, charting, price patterns, and the list goes on and on. He is a valued contributor to the TraderPlanet.com community and this book further demonstrates his unwavering commitment to educating traders to help them become more successful.» —Lane J. Mendelsohn, Publisher, TraderPlanet.com «James Hyerczyk provides an illuminating guide to the fascinating world of Gann Theory and the combined analysis of price, pattern, and time. This book is very interesting from both a historical and practical technical perspective.» —Dan Blystone, Editor, TradersLog.com «I have known James Hyerczyk since 1991. I have always valued W. D. Gann's methods. Reading Jim's book, Pattern, Price&Time, Second Edition is a good way to get started in learning the concepts of Gann's methodology. I highly recommend this book.» –Michael Popilchak, Director of Sales&Marketing, The Sweet Futures Division of Rosenthal Collins Group LLC«Hunting out good opportunities involves good tracking. Jim has taken his vast experience with Gann's proven technical analysis, to show the savvy investor the foot prints in the snow to find those successful trades. As the Chief Investment Officer of LaSalle St. Securities, I have found over the last thirty-five years that good technical analysis is invaluable.» —Jay C. Carstensen, Chief Investment Officer, LaSalle St. Securities, LLC

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780470464298

электронная книга

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