Электронная книга: Rick Swope «The Market Guys'Five Points for Trading Success. Identify, Pinpoint, Strike, Protect and Act!»

The Market Guys'Five Points for Trading Success. Identify, Pinpoint, Strike, Protect and Act!

Praise for The Market Guys'Five Points for Trading Success«E*TRADE is a strong advocate of investor education, understanding a knowledgeable investor is a successful investor. The Market Guys have been a key contributor to our worldwide educational efforts – delivering hundreds of seminars to our customers around the world. This book encapsulates theiryears of experience with traders and investors, and is a must-read for anyone serious about trading. The Market Guys'Five Points for Trading Success provides an easy-to-understand and disciplined approach to trading through risk management. I highly recommend it.» Christopher Larkin, VP, U.S. Retail Brokerage, E*TRADE Securities (www.etrade.com) «The stock market is full of risk and uncertainty, but can bring great rewards to those who plan and execute properly. Rick and AJ give you the navigational tools to profit in the market through this book. Easy toread and understand, this book will help the novice and expert alike reach their financial goals. I recommend The Market Guys to help you along your journey!» Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11, 1969 «The Market Guys'Five Points is much more than five points. Creating a plan, dealing with emotions, trading psychology, and technical analysis are just some of the topics explained.» James Bittman, Senior Instructor, The Options Institute at CBOE, and author of Options for the Stock Investor «Most people think trading markets is easy, but the process is fraught with pitfalls, snares, and delusions. This book is written by two savvy veteran traders. Applying the wisdom contained here will not guarantee success, but it will very definitely put the odds strongly in your favor.» Martin J. Pring, President of pring.com «This is a wonderful introduction to terminology and a fresh approach to the stock market. It gives the reader a language and way of thinking that is new,providing a great foundation for further research. These authors are to be commended for an excellent book on the stock market and how it works.» James P. Gills, MD, Director/Chairman of the Board of the Ironman Triathlon «The Market Guys have created the perfect recipe for financial success.» Nick Nickolas, Restaurateur, Nick's Fishmarket of Hawaii, www.nicksboca.com

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780470245767

электронная книга

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