Книга: Fukuda H., Gally T. «Jazz Up Your Japanese with Onomatopoeia For All Levels»

Jazz Up Your Japanese with Onomatopoeia For All Levels

Onomatopoeia is one of the most outstanding features of the Japanese language. Its acquisition is essential for students who wish to speak (or understand) natural Japanese, read literature or manga, or watch anime in the original. The problem is that Japanese onomatopoeic words are so different from their English equivalents (words such as pop, bang, splat, and squeak) that they are extremely hard to remember and put into practice. The book begins with an introduction that outlines what "onomatopoeia" means in both English and Japanese. It covers sound and meaning in general, onomatopoeia in English, sound symbolism in English and Japanese, Japanese onomatopoeia and mimesis, types of Japanese onomatopoeia, grammatical functions of Japanese onomatopoeia, Japanese written forms, and how new Japanese onomatopoeic words are formed (for example, in manga). This introductory material is all-important, for without the overall picture it presents, students are forced to learn Japanese...

Формат: Суперобложка, 238 стр.

ISBN: 9781568364865

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