Book: Luthra Manoj «Manual of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care. Pre - And Postoperative Guidelines»

Manual of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care. Pre - And Postoperative Guidelines

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Elaborates pre- and postoperative guidelines in the intensive care of pediatric cardiac surgery patients. An indispensible book for the cardiothoracic, pediatric and intensive care residents involved in the acute management of children with heart disease. Addresses the need of a reference manual for general surgery and medicine residents while on rotation in the cardiac care unit. Comprehensive chapters provide simple solutions and explanations to clinical problems rather than offering detailed physiological explanations. Drugs and doses have been given in tables for easy reference at the point of care. A practical book that can be read at leisure and referred to at the bedside.

Издательство: "Elsevier" (2012)

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